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In 2023 something remarkable happened as the first-ever Study Hub pathway program took place! Now, you may ask what Study Hub is and what’s so remarkable about it. Well, let me explain.

Pathway programs, in general, aim to provide – as the name suggests – a path, specifically to higher-degree studies. These pathway programs offer preparatory studies that’ll familiarize you with the academic world for a stronger foundation as you begin your proper academic studies.

There are two ways to carry out a pathway program; either fully online or with some or all of the studies conducted on-site. Now, going back to the question, what is so remarkable about Study Hub?

Well, Edunation’s Study Hub pathway program is Finland’s first pathway program to offer on-site studies!


In our first-ever Study Hub program, we have 18 exceptional students from three countries: Vietnam, Myanmar, and Nicaragua.

Students have had both online and on-site studies, including subject-specific studies (e. g. if you’d plan to study business, you’d have economics and mathematics, and so on), Finnish language studies, and preparation for academic studies in general.

But it’s not all about studying. During the semester, we visited famous landmarks together, like the Helsinki Cathedral. We’ve also explored the nature of Finland by hiking in the Nuuksio National Park near Helsinki.

Moreover, a few weeks ago, students familiarised themselves with the history of Finland as we visited the National Museum. And just this week, we went for a picnic trip to the old sea fortress of Suomenlinna to enjoy some sunshine and fresh sea air.


It has indeed been a privilege for me to be the tutor of this program.

It’s great to hear these students’ stories, as they’ve left their comfort zone and ventured to Finland. It’s not always the easiest of tasks to study abroad. I, too, have studied abroad, albeit in the form of an exchange semester. It can take a lot of courage and work, but it is rewarding. 

As a tutor, I’ve worked closely with these students. And while they get to know Finland, it has given me new perspectives for also to experience my home country. Not to mention that I’ve also learned a lot about the home countries of our students.

Many of these students have told me they specifically wanted to come to Finland because of the world-class education system. And through the Study Hub program, they’ve had early access to start integrating into Finnish society before the proper academic studies, as they have also commented.

As the students experience the Finnish way of life, sooner or later, they’ll find themselves ice-swimming in the middle of the winter. Or at least standing a few meters from the next person at a bus stop, as Finns do.


As I’m writing this, there are still a few more weeks to go. As I said, it is a privilege to have been able to be the tutor of this program.

To all our current Study Hub students, I wish to say, “Thank you, and enjoy your journey in Finland!” And to our new students, “Welcome to Finland!” 

“It’s great to have an early access to Finland – a chance to start integrating to the Finnish society before proper studies! And also, to explore Helsinki before continuing to destination university in another city!”

Bui Van Anh & Dinh Thi Linh Chi

“If you are a curious person and want to spend more time to get to know Finland, then you came to the right place. You’ll have Finnish language classes, and during those classes you also get to learn more about the Finnish culture. I really like to visit museums in Helsinki, as there are so much history and awesome facts behind every detail!”

Nguyen Phuoc

“I think one of the most interesting things about the life in Finland is the friendliness of people. They are really kind and nice to me, always giving me assistance if in need. Another thing is that the fresh atmosphere here makes me feel more energetic, and it motivates me to do my best the whole day!”

Nguyen Duy Quang

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Jonne is a Master’s student of Educational Science at the University of Turku. He’s interested in intercultural communication, education export, and global learning. During spring 2023, he has also been the tutor of Edunation’s Study Hub pathway program.

Table of Contents