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Tips for Sustainable Urban Life in Finland

With worrying news of climate change and overpopulation of the earth, sustainability in everyday life is extremely important. Finland placed as #1 in the 2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) that ranks countries performance on environmental issues. They must be doing something right, huh?

Read below how you can make your lifestyle in Finland (and elsewhere) more environment-friendly, without cutting from comfort!

Eat plant-based

Compared to animal products, growing vegetables and fruits produces way less carbon dioxide emissions. Normally people do not require meat on every meal, not even on every day! However, if you’re physically very active, you should pay attention to your protein intake. There are plenty of plant-based options, such as tempeh, tofu, or pulled oats, that are very high in protein.

If you still feel like you need some meat, keep in mind that while eggs and poultry are the most environment friendly options, the production of beef –and also dairy- causes significant carbon emissions.

In Finland, there is a trend of vegan products on the rise, and vegan restaurants and cafés pop up everywhere! You will not go hungry around here. Moreover, you can find various options for vegan milk, yogurt, or cheese even from the smallest local stores!

fresh vegetables in grocery store

ResQ Club

ResQ is an app, that is fighting against wasting food! In the app restaurants, cafés, and other catering services can announce whenever they have leftover food in the end of the day, and the app users can order it and pick up the portions for a very low price.

You will save money and get amazing restaurant food! How good is this??

Find more information about ResQ and remember to sign up! Originating from Finland, this lifestyle app has already gone global.

While we’re talking about food…

Go find your own! The Finnish forests are full of berries and mushrooms, and they are free to be picked by anyone. In Finland jokamiehenoikeudet, or, every man’s rights, entitle you to this without any separate permission of the landowner. Fancy something a bit heavier? Contact some of the moose hunters in Finland – since the moose have no natural enemies, the population size needs to be controlled to prevent them from destroying the forest ecosystems. Delicious meat and saving the world? Yes please!

Use of Public Transport

I know, this one is obvious. However, in Finland, the public transport in reliable and in time, and has good connections. Plus: more often than not, students receive remarkable discounts! Even better: get a bicycle or walk. You will get exercise and fresh air as well!

Helsinki public transportation


Siivouspäivä, a.k.a. the National Garage Sell Day, is when people clean up their cupboards and closets from all the things they don’t need anymore, and put them on sale or give away for free –on the streets. Instead of buying things brand new, see if you can find an already loved item. Find the next date and more information on Siivouspäivä. 

Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping has in the recent years become a big thing in Finland, especially among the young and the trendy. For a good reason, too: you can find literally anything, it is almost like a treasure hunt! The thrift shop scene in the major cities in Finland is buzzing, and fusion shops, such as, a flower shop-second hand store or bar and a used LP-plate store are popping up everywhere. Best part: second hand items are more affordable than new items, so you can afford some more. But: with a good conscience, since it is environment friendly.

What are your tips to live environment friendly?

Table of Contents