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In-demand Jobs in Finland: Top 10 Popular Jobs in the Happiest Country in the World!

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Are you looking for in-demand jobs in Finland? We made a list to help your search be easy!

Aside from being one of the best countries to study higher education, Finland is certainly a great nation to live and work in. The country offers lots of benefits where you will undoubtedly grow professionally.

Today, we will present the top 10 in-demand jobs in Finland. We also included the minimum requirements, duties, and average pay. Happy job hunting!

Why work in Finland?

Whether in-demand jobs in Finland or not, here are some exciting benefits of working in the happiest nation in the world!

Finland is a first-world country with many global rankings.

Finland indeed holds many top positions in various rankings for being one of the best among 195 countries. Below are some notable accreditations:

– Has the sixth spot in the Quality of Life Index for 2022.

– Number 11 in the Best Countries to live in 2022.

– One of the best air quality and natural environment.

– Top two in the availability of green goods and services.

The Finnish people have a work-life balance.

The Finnish people enjoy a work-life balance with family and friends. The country offers long holidays. Additionally, it is common for companies to provide a four-week annual paid summer leave.

Furthermore, corporations give a minimum statutory paid annual leave of 30 days for in-demand jobs in Finland. However, public holidays specifically do not count in the annual leave. Employees receive compensation equivalent to a typical working day.

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The work culture hierarchy is low.

Everyone practices equality, whether working seasonal or in-demand jobs in Finland. You can generally interact with your supervisors at work as there is a low hierarchy.

Furthermore, independence and respect for personal space are essential in a Finnish workplace. The Finnish work culture specifically values self-direction, self-sufficiency, and cross-cultural cooperation.

Excellent healthcare services

The government provides explicitly top-notch healthcare services in the country. Citizens in municipalities have access to public healthcare.

Additionally, all permanent residents under the Finnish social security system or has a European Health Insurance Card can reimburse the cost of availing various services in private healthcare facilities.

In-demand jobs in Finland
Equality is always present in workplaces in Finland!

Top 10 In-demand Jobs in Finland

Now that you know some essential privileges of working in Finland, here are the in-demand jobs in Finland that you can certainly provide your professional knowledge and skills.

All the in-demand jobs in Finland salary is courtesy of Salary Expert. Note that the duties and job requirements vary depending on the employer.

1. Nursing Associate Professionals

Duties and responsibilities:

– Collect accordingly clinical information such as pulse, blood pressure, temperature, etc.,

– Doing clinical work such as ECGs and venepuncture.

– Equally assist individuals, carers, and families during unpleasant diagnoses.

– Relaying a patient’s information, such as responses, behaviors, activities, and more, to registered nurses.

– Generally maintaining the safety, privacy, and dignity of patients.

Minimum requirements:

To apply for this in-demand job in Finland, you will need a (General Certificate of Secondary Education) GCSEs grade nine to four (A to C) in English and Math. Accordingly, some hospitals may require a level three qualification.

Additionally, you must equally demonstrate your capacity to study at a foundation degree level and can complete the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship program.

Estimated Average Salary: 15 EUR per hour with a 268 EUR yearly average bonus

2. Health Care Assistants

Duties and responsibilities:

– Bathe and dress immobile patients.

– Serve and assist in feeding patients.

– Supports patients in moving around.

– Process lab samples.

Minimum requirements:

Of all the in-demand jobs in Finland, the healthcare assistant may only specifically require GSCes (or equivalent) in Math and English. Additionally, your employer expects you to have voluntary or paid experiences in care work or healthcare.

Furthermore, other medical institutions may ask for qualifications like (National Level Qualification) NVQ or (Business and Technology Education Council) BTEC.

Estimated Average Salary: 16 EUR per hour with a 527 EUR yearly average bonus

3. Social Work and Counselling Professionals

Duties and responsibilities:

– Perform therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy sessions with clients and family members.

– Gathers information about patients through interviews.

– Equally conducts therapeutic interventions for various patients in crisis.

– Specifically collaborates with other therapists and related professionals.

Minimum requirements:

Social work and counseling professionals specifically require a qualification in healthcare and social services. Additionally, like all specialized in-demand jobs in Finland, you must have a professional practice right which the National Supervisory Authority of Welfare and Health grants.

Estimated Average Salary: 24 EUR per hour with a 954 EUR yearly average bonus

Early childhood educators in Finland support the development of its future leaders and innovators!

4. Early Childhood Educator

Duties and responsibilities:

– Implement and equally support the approved learning framework to children under their support.

– May generally work on their own or under the supervision of a team

– Equally develop engaging and positive relationships with children.

– Assist in the holistic development of children.

Minimum requirements:

Early childhood teachers are one of the most in-demand jobs in Finland. To apply, you must complete a bachelor’s degree in education.

In addition, you must have completed explicitly at least 60 credits of study demonstrating expertise in early childhood education and care.

Estimated Average Salary: 13 EUR per hour with a 447 EUR yearly average bonus.

5. Dentist

Duties and responsibilities:

– Diagnose a patient’s teeth, gums, and other parts of their mouth.

– Remove, repair, and put sealants on the damaged tooth.

– Put anesthetics during crucial dental procedures.

– Provide a prescription and other medication.

Minimum job requirements:

Dentists are one of the most in-demand jobs in Finland. To pursue this profession, you must specifically have a license to practice from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.

Estimated Average Salary: 61 EUR per hour with a 4,414 EUR yearly average bonus

6. Psychologist

Duties and responsibilities:

– Assess and specifically diagnose psychological problems.

– Generally perform routine checkups with patients to understand their health and know underlying issues.

– Provide professional advice and preventive actions to establish the best mental health.

– Offer individual treatment options based on the collected information.

Minimum requirements:

You must earn a master’s degree in psychology to apply for this position. In addition, like all health-related in-demand jobs in Finland, you must secure a licensed psychologist permit from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.

Estimated Average Salary: 30 EUR per hour with a 1,889 EUR yearly average bonus

Speech pathologists in the country are recognized for their expertise in helping correct speech disorders!

7. Speech Pathologist

Duties and responsibilities:

– Diagnose and treat disorders in language and swallowing.

– Equally help adults and children with disturbances in speech or languages.

– Informing families about the causes of speech disorders.

– Provide therapy to specifically mitigate, remove, and prevent conditions in speech or language.

Minimum requirements:

Speech pathologists are one of the most in-demand jobs in Finland that also specifically require a professional license from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. To apply for this in-demand job in Finland, you must graduate from a logopedics study program and have a master’s degree in Philosophy.

Estimated Average Salary: 29 EUR per hour with a 1,003 EUR yearly average bonus

8. Shop sales assistants

Duties and responsibilities:

– Constantly provide excellent customer service.

– Ensure that the store is in the best condition.

– Give recommendations and assist customers.

– Efficiently manage the point-of-sale procedure.

Minimum requirements:

Applying for this position requires good selling and customer service skills. Like other customer-related, in-demand jobs in Finland, written and verbal communication skills are essential.

Estimated average salary: 14 EUR per hour with a 427 EUR yearly bonus

9. Kitchen helpers

Duties and responsibilities:

– Ensuring cleanliness in an establishment’s kitchen.

– Assisting basic food preparation.

– Maintaining tidiness of preparation and storage areas.

– Storing and receiving supplies needed in the kitchen.

Minimum requirements:

Kitchen helpers are one of the most in-demand jobs in Finland as more food establishments are opening in the country. Generally, you may work in restaurants, fast food outlets, kitchens, catering companies, and clubs.

To apply, you must have a minimum of two years of experience in a professional setting. Accordingly, for workers with a permit to work in the country and general knowledge of kitchen operations, the two-year experience may be optional.

Estimated average salary: 12 EUR per hour with a 966 EUR yearly bonus.

10. Cleaners and helpers in establishments

Duties and responsibilities:

– Maintaining the establishment’s cleanliness.

– Refill toilet paper, paper towels, and soaps in restrooms.

– Buying cleaning supplies.

– Do cleaning maintenance checks to ensure every area in the establishment is spotless.

Minimum requirements:

As more and more people come to the country to specifically live or study, cleaners are becoming one of the most in-demand jobs in Finland. To apply, you must be a high school graduate with experience in professional cleaning of establishments.

Estimated average salary: 13 EUR per hour with a 291 EUR average yearly bonus

Finally, to learn more about the other professions and their wages, increases, and benefits, read our complete guide about salaries in Finland.

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To sum it up

In-demand jobs in Finland are rising due to a lack of workforce. You can certainly apply and earn while learning higher education as an international student. Just make sure you pass the minimum requirements and balance your time equally for your studies and work.

Let us start your journey toward working at in-demand jobs in Finland. Book a counseling session now and learn the study programs that will enable you to work in the happiest country in the world!

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