Top 3 In-Demand Jobs In Finland

Finland is one of the best places in the world to study and work. Working in Finland is attracting many people. The reason is the safe environment, good working conditions and high employment security. Even though there are many jobs on the market, some professionals are more in-demand than others. In Finland, the average wage is about 3140 EUR per month, hourly between 13-17 EUR.

Society in Finland functions very well from various perspectives. Finnish people have a strong mentality of equality and fairness. It can be seen in the working environment and atmosphere. We also have many internationally appreciated companies and great public services!

What kind of professionals are the most wanted ones? Have a look at the top 3 jobs by demand in Finland:

1. Software engineering 

In the European tech sector currently, the most in-demand workers are software engineers. In Finland, approximately 66% of the overall work offers are in that field. Also, engineers tend to experience less competition in the job market, compared to other industries.

Software developers supervise the development process for a software program. They analyze users’ requirements and needs, design applications, as well as make sure that the programs are updated and functional.

Software coding on a silver computer

Where to study:

LUT – Master of Science in Software Engineering and Digital Transformation

2. Nursing

The demand for nurses is constantly growing. The education provided for nurses is of high quality. There is a major labor shortage of nurses and Finland is welcoming more staff from abroad. More nurses are needed in hospitals, in the private and public sectors.

Furthermore, nursing is a valued profession, which allows you to work with different people, promote health and wellbeing as well as treating diseases. As a nurse in Finland you will almost be guaranteed to have a job, since it is highly in-demand.

A nurse with white jacket and different pens in pocket

Where to study:

SAMK – Bachelor of Health Care in Nursing

MetropoliaBachelor of Health Care in Nursing

3. Early childhood educators

Kindergarten teachers are in-demand, especially English-speaking ones. Early education in Finland has an excellent reputation around the world, creating a high demand for expertise. The field combines education, care, teaching, growth and learning.

In addition, Finnish early education methods are be successful and the quality of early education is appreciated. In Finland, early education and care is every child’s universal right. Professionals in this area are most likely to be an in-demand job also in the future!

A child writing on a paper

Where to study:

TUAS – Bachelor of Social Services in Early Childhood Education

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