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Top 5 Popular Jobs in Finland

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First-class working conditions and employee security, high paying per capital and international working environment make Finland an ideal workplace for everyone. People with different educational backgrounds are welcome to find a place to shine in this friendly country. What kind of talents are wanted? Have a look at the top 5 popular jobs in Finland:

1. Teaching

The Finnish top-ranking education system is highly popular worldwide. Finland is becoming an attractive destination for educators, as they have the opportunity to experience a high-quality education. Teachers in Finland enjoy a high social status and can earn on average slightly over 3,250 euros per month.

The growing number of private language schools has increased the demand for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers in Finland. Therefore, teachers with international backgrounds would have more chances in this field.

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2. Nursing

Healthcare service in Finland is of a high standard, so as nursing education. Healthcare is one sector where demand is greater than supply. Nurses in Finland earn on average 3,000 euros per month.

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3. Programming and Web Developing

Finland is proud of its IT industry, from the glorious Nokia in telecommunication to Angry Bird the rising gaming field. It is undoubtedly a great country for those passionate about IT to study and work in. As Fortune reported, there are over 7,000 programmer vacancies in Finland to meet the fast-growing pace of the IT industry.

Web programming


4. Kindergarten Teaching

Finland is also leading the world in their early education system. Kids in the Finnish daycare center must be the happiest compared to other countries. With the degree of internationalization in Finland, the demand for kindergarten teachers is increasing, especially for English-speaking teachers. 

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5. Accounting

The need for professional accountants will continue increasing because the number of startup companies in Finland is rising. The average salary for accountants in Finland can be over 4,000 euros per month.

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After all, a master’s degree in one of the specializations listed above is highly recommended for searching for a job in the Finnish labor market. Find out more about what working in Finland is like.

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