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Discover the Top 5 Most Promising Study Fields in Finland

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Finland is known for its top-quality education system and wide range of study fields available to international students. Work in Finland after graduation is becoming popular among foreign students and is one of the main reasons to study in Finland. There are a lot of obvious and irresistible reasons to stay, like a high-quality and fun place to work, job security, good schools for raising kids, smooth and effective public services, and, most importantly, a lot of internationally famous companies.

After all, working in Finland also makes all other European countries accessible.

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Choosing the right field to study would be your first step to staying and working in Finland. We have discussed the top popular jobs in Finland, and you may have a general idea about the Finnish working environment. Let’s go deeper to discuss what fields are promising for you to study in order to get a job in Finland after graduation.

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Information Technology Engineering

It isundeniable that IT engineering is a popular field all over the world. Finland, with its rapid development and advanced technologies, has a greater need than ever before for IT specialists. Students graduating in IT can embrace a wide range of choices, from big, internationally well-known companies like Nokia and Kone, to fast-growing start-up companies like Rovio (Angry Birds).

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With more and more start-up companiessprouting in Finland under the government’s support, business talents are also in need of help to develop domestic and oversea markets. As a international student in Finland, the intercultural background is a competitive advantage when searching for a job in a international company in Finland. Therefore, business can be a good choice for international students who have a passion for the field of business or even in starting their own business.

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There are thousands of accountants in Finland, and with the number of startup companies rising, the demand for professional accountants and analysts will increase accordingly.

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With the advanced and high living standards, Finland has one of the best health care systems in Europe. In addition to traditional health care services like nursing, there is also a rising industry in welfare technology which includessocial services and health care in a nutshell. The study related to health care in Finland nowadays focuses more oninnovative solutions,multidisciplinary and international cooperation.

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Watch a video about how to become a nurse in Finland here.

With the growing internationality in Finland, more international education is needed. There is a place for teachers with an intercultural background and good teaching skills in kindergartens, high schools, and colleges. The Edunation provides you with not only the most advanced concepts about teaching but also unique opportunities for you to observe practical teaching in schools.

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The best time to start your journey in Finland is now. Apply to study in Finland Edunation and get admission in a couple of weeks!

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