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Top English Speaking Countries In Europe Where You Can Live and Study Today!

What are the top English speaking countries in Europe? 

If you want a progressive and modern place to live and study, head to Europe, which offers the best universities and countless job opportunities.  

Additionally, most regions are proficient in English, enabling better and more efficient communication, whether for business or academics.  

Today, let us present the top English speaking countries in Europe. We will also introduce a fun and interactive way of mastering the universal language!  

Importance of Learning English 

Whether you plan to live in the top English speaking countries in Europe or any place in the world, mastering English is beneficial for: 

International connection

English is the bridge that helps you interact successfully with individuals from varied backgrounds, whether traveling, working, or cooperating on global ambitions. 

Professional upgrades

If you plan to establish a career in the top English speaking countries in Europe or anywhere in the world, mastering this language is beneficial. Global corporations highly prefer staff who can communicate in English fluently.  

Academic enhancement 

English is the language of instruction in many major colleges and academic institutes worldwide. Learning this language is vital to pursue further education in the top English speaking countries in Europe or any universities you prefer. 

Improving cultural appreciation

Understanding and speaking English provides access to various films, literature, art, music, and other exciting forms of media. Aside from its entertainment value, the mentioned introduces new ideas and perspectives, giving you a broader international appreciation. 

Exploring the world

English is your access to the world. It is the language that helps navigate and establish connections with people. Whether you’re discovering new locations in the top English speaking countries in Europe, seeking assistance when traveling, or immersing yourself in other cultures, English connects you with anyone.  

Top English Speaking Countries in Europe 

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of learning the universal language, here are the top English speaking countries in Europe to live and study (in no particular order).  

1. Finland

Although Finnish and Swedish are the official languages in the country, Finland is among the top English speaking countries in Europe. Additionally, global learners are encouraged to enroll as learning institutions in the country have the best English-taught academic courses.  

Moreover, Finland has other important recognitions that specifically benefit international students. It has a 100% highest literacy rate, is the happiest country for many years, has the best universities offering in-demand programs, and more.

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Top English Speaking Countries In Europe

2. Germany

Germany is one of the top English speaking countries in Europe, as the language used in business transactions and workplaces.  

Furthermore, Berlin has recognized colleges offering significant English-based educational courses. Moreover, enrolling in Berlin is beneficial as the majority uses the universal language.  

3. Ireland

Although Ireland is one of the top English speaking countries in Europe, the region uses Hiberno-English, a graceful mix of Irish and English.  

Since its introduction to universal state education in 1831, the use of the English language has explicitly grown, specifically in Dublin.

4. The Netherlands

Due to similarities in English and Dutch, the Netherlands is also one of the top English speaking countries in Europe.  

Additionally, due to the country’s growing tourism industry, immigration, and global trade, more Dutch use the universal language.  

5. Sweden

Aside from Svenska or Swedish, the country’s official dialect, most Swedish converse in English. Children learn the universal language early in school, becoming globally competitive later in their professional lives. 

6. Denmark  

Denmark is included in the list of the top English speaking countries in Europe as it currently has five million English speakers. 

The Scandinavian country is generally famous for its scenic spots, such as gorgeous beaches, lush forests, and more, boosting its tourism industry and welcoming mostly visitors using the universal language.  

Top English Speaking Countries In Europe

7. Norway 

Aside from Norwegian, the nation’s primary language, Norway is on the list of the top English speaking countries in Europe courtesy of 4.5 million “universal language” users. 

Since the 1960’s, English is a compulsory subject in the curriculum. Furthermore, to better train its citizens, the country does not dub international series and movies to expose its citizens in English.  

8. Austria

Due to its location, Austria is home to many languages. Locals use Hungarian, Croatian, and Slovenian. Accordingly, it is also one of the top English speaking countries in Europe, as 73% of the country’s population are English speakers.  

The universal language is generally used at universities, social events, and professional settings.  

9. Poland

Due to Poles’ global awareness of the importance of learning English, an estimated 62% use it in communicating.  

Additionally, Warsaw, the country’s capital, is home to significant businesses concentrating on IT outsourcing, research and development, and business processes where different nationalities communicate using English.   

10. Belgium

Though English is not Belgium’s official dialect, 64% of the population uses the universal language. Moreover, the region has a high proficiency index, which means the majority are excellent in writing, speaking, and understanding English. 

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Summing it up – The Top English Speaking Countries in Europe

The top English speaking countries in Europe dramatically grew as they embraced and used the universal language. Experience it and professionally upgrade yourself by mastering English today!

Moreover, book counseling now to study and live in Finland, Europe’s premier region offering many privileges for international students!

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