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Universities in Helsinki For International Students

The universities in Helsinki are the top choice for international students who want the best of both worlds equally: the highest standard of education and a stunning modern environment where nature certainly coexists.

Finland is the happiest place in the world, and it surely wants you to feel its positive energy as a student. The northern European nation is home to Finnish people or Finns, and they will welcome you in their unique and memorable way.

If you are an international student looking for the best universities in Helsinki, let us guide you. Check out our list of universities in Helsinki.

Quick facts about Helsinki

More than just Finland’s capital, Helsinki stands on its own as a vibrant area where different cultures interact pleasantly. Here are some fun facts that will introduce you to the city:

  • King Gustav founded Helsinki I of Sweden in 1550 as a town for trading.
  • The official languages of Helsinki are Finnish and Swedish. Roughly 81.9% speak Finnish, and 5.9% use Swedish.
  • Helsinki is Finland’s largest city, covering 276 square miles of the total area.
  • As of 2022, 1,327,762 reside in Helsinki. Accordingly, the city has the largest number of immigrants in the country, generally composed of Swedish, Russians, Estonians, Chinese, Somalians, Germans, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, and Kurds.
  • Undeniably, Helsinki is a gorgeous city where nature and modern facilities perfectly mix. Blogs from international students narrate how mesmerizing the capital is. The town also received several awards, such as the World Design Capital in 2012. In 2014, UNESCO named Helsinki the City of Design.
  • Students will surely adore public transportation in Helsinki, courtesy of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority. Aside from modern buses, trams, metro, and trains, you can specifically choose eco-friendly city bikes to explore breathtaking corners of the area.
  • Accordingly, the capital has 300 bridges to connect with several islands surrounding Finland. You can visit exciting towns near the area while on study breaks.
  • Aside from being the happiest country in the world for countless years, Helsinki is also certainly one of the cleanest in 2022. Because of this, the city’s water quality is high and healthy. It is bottled and exported for everyone all around the world to enjoy.
Universities in Helsinki weather
Universities in Helsinki offer good weather for international students

Weather to expect at Universities in Helsinki

The weather plays an essential role in your life as a student in Helsinki. Is it too cold? What activities can I do during school breaks in Helsinki?

The capital enjoys four seasons in a year. Winters are generally cold, with a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. To stay warm while studying, visit and enjoy the best coffee experience in Helsinki. You can also try exciting and surprisingly fun physical activities to keep you warm, such as ice skating. In addition, winter breaks allow you to visit beautiful places in Helsinki, such as the Suomenlinna fortress, Senate Square, Old Market Hall, and more.

During summer, the temperature is around 19 to 22 degrees Celsius. Aside from enjoying the warm weather, indulge and spend a fantastic time exploring the city of Helsinki.

Universities in Helsinki students
Universities in Helsinki promote a balanced student life

Studying in finland at universities in Helsinki

As an international student in Helsinki, you may certainly use English to communicate with your professors and classmates. Additionally, learning to speak Finnish or Swedish to interact effectively in the region is essential.

Universities in Helsinki offer a complete range of study programs. You may opt for a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Ph.D. courses, and study programs included in degree studies regardless of your previous education or job experience.

List of universities in Helsinki

Now that you clearly understand the city’s background, weather, transportation, and places to visit during school breaks let us introduce you to the universities in Helsinki.

1. University of Helsinki

Established in 1640, the University of Helsinki is Finland’s largest and oldest educational institution. It has four campuses in Helsinki located at the heart of the city, Kumpula, Meilahti, and Viikki. Also, the university has ten other locations all around Finland.

Presently, the University of Helsinki has more than 31,600 local and 1,941 international students. Teaching in this university is based entirely on research. Also, the learning institution takes pride in contributing to a fair and equal society in Finland and is admired worldwide.

Best reasons to study at the University of Helsinki

  • It is one of the best multidisciplinary universities in Helsinki.
  • The University focuses diligently on researching and developing new cancer treatments.
  • It constantly improves methods in teaching and education and encourages lifelong learning.
  • It has a structured plan focusing on the digital world, health and aging, sustainable development, and globalization.

2. Aalto University

Founded in 2010, Aalto University is a merger of three respected universities in Helsinki and Finland: the Helsinki School of Economics, the Helsinki University of Technology, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

This public research university sits in Espoo, Finland. At present, it has 12,815 local and 3,076 international students. Aalto University is famous for gracefully mixing science and art with technology and business learning.

Best reasons to study at Aalto University

  • The School of Business at Aalto University is one of Europe’s major business learning institutions.
  • The university’s School of Engineering has essential areas of research. It includes environmentally friendly procedures, various uses of wood and other biomaterials, new sources of motor fuels, and more.
  • Furthermore, Aalto University’s School of Electrical Engineering uses impressive methods in research and teaching. Their information technology and natural sciences work together to build various innovations and intelligent systems to save energy significantly and enhance well-being.

3. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is Finland’s most prominent and one of the best applied science universities in Helsinki. It started operating in 2007 with campuses in Arabia, Karamalmi, Myllypuro, and Myyrmäki.

This public applied science university is home to 16,200 local and 1,400 foreign degree students. It offers the most extensive social services, business, health care, and technology.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences combines its field of studies and experiments to build new and innovative results. They offer students the latest technology, which includes augmented reality, for better learning.

Best reasons to study at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

  • It is a dependable learning partner and a pioneer in promoting higher education.
  • Its strategic mission is to be one of the strongest advocates of expertise. Additionally, they want to continue to be a reliable learning institution that builds a sustainable future.
  • They have modern and innovative hubs that provide a new way of learning. Also, the site allows you to discover multiple solutions to problems and learn multidisciplinary cooperation.

4. Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Arcada University of Applied Sciences started teaching in 1996. It offers 14 Swedish-language and four English-language bachelor’s level programs. This learning institution guarantees students access to modern expertise that is relevant today and in the future.

It is one of the multi-professional universities in Helsinki that accepts local and international students. They offer business management and analytics, energy and materials technology, health and welfare, culture and media, and healthcare.

Best reasons to study at Arcada University of Applied Sciences

  • Arcada University of Applied Sciences offers flexible master’s programs that go well with your full-time work.
  • It is the best university of Applied Science in Finland and has an innovative campus that uses 40 languages.
  • It has outstanding learning facilities that inspire the highest quality of education.
  • Aside from promoting an active student life, the university also focuses on graduate employability.

5. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences was founded in 2007. It joins other universities in Helsinki that emphasizes entrepreneurship, innovation, cooperation, and internationality. It was formed by merging Helsinki Business Polytechnic and Haaga Institute Polytechnic.

Presently, the university caters to 11,000 local and 153 international students. It is one of the largest Applied Universities in Helsinki and Finland and is highly business oriented. This learning institution has a strong relationship with communities and companies. Their partnership aims to establish active models that mutually benefit both.

Best reasons to study at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

  • The university promotes social interaction with education, especially with international students. This learning institution encourages collaboration, so everyone has a voice.
  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences assists students in finding a good internship program. It prepares them in advance for their life after finishing their programs.
  • The learning institution allows students to seek their preferred careers through diverse courses. They believe that changing professions is normal, and the learning institution is ready for them all.

6. Humak University of Applied Sciences

HUMAK University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1998 and is the primary educator in cultural management, humanities, and pedagogy. The university is known to contribute to creating new styles of higher education.

This learning institution is an Applied Science university with 1,600 students. They have offices in four major areas in Finland: Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Jyväskyla, Kuopio, and Turku. For 20 years, Humak has produced 5,400 experts in different fields.

Humak focuses on organizational activities, youth work, adventure education, cultural management, entrepreneurship, community development, and creative industries. Their strategy’s mission is to level up the expertise through consistent training, services, and RDI activities.

Best reasons to study at Humak University of Applied Sciences

  • Students can achieve essential learning in an informative and supportive outdoor and indoor setting.
  • Also, they can practice the process of designing, from creating a concept to actual completion. Highly experienced and qualified educators will guide them.
  • Their students will instinctively learn hard outdoor skills such as utilizing a compass and a map, putting up tents, and more. This valuable information is needed as a foundation to work with all kinds of groups in evaluating and developing educational exercises.

7. Hanken School of Economics

Established in 1909, Hanken School of Economics is Finland’s oldest business school. It has campuses in Helsinki and Vaasa, and they offer programs in both English and Swedish.

This university is proud of its triple crown accreditations for business schools: EQUIS from the European Union, AMBA based in the United Kingdom, and AACSB from the United States of America. Only 1% of business schools worldwide are triple-recognized by valuable accreditation bodies.

Presently, the university is home to 1,406 Bachelor of Science, 1,087 Master of Science, and 127 Doctor of Philosophy students. Also, they have 197 exchange students and 125 students abroad.

Best reasons to study at Hanken School of Economics

  • Hanken is a university that certainly values research. They provide students with valuable tools to be ready for challenges in the future.
  • Furthermore, instructions on thinking analytically and effectively communicating for business and academic purposes are present.
  • One of the learning institution’s core values is sustainability. Students will surely understand sustainable development and social responsibility from a global perspective.

8. University of the Arts Helsinki

Also known as Uniarts Helsinki, the University of Arts Helsinki started in 2013. It is located in Helsinki but also operates in Kuopio and Seinäjoki for their department of church music and department of popular and folk music, respectively.

This Finnish arts university comprises three former learning institutions: The Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Arts Helsinki, the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, and the Theatre Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki. Presently, they have 1,889 students, and 20% are from outside Finland.

The University of the Arts Helsinki provides more than 30-degree programs in fine arts, dance, and music. The stated programs lead the way to Bachelor’s, Masters or doctoral degrees.

Best reasons to study at the University of the Arts Helsinki

  • The university encourages artists to search their paths and face them bravely. The learning institution offers the best environment to achieve success and fame.
  • They believe that art and cultural fields specifically enhance the beauty of a country. Together with research, the three factors create success and build a solid foundation for Finnish society.
  • They particularly recognize that art, creativity, and artistic thinking are the vital forces of change. It helps build a sustainable and equal world.

9. Diacona University of Applied Sciences

The Diacona University of Applied Sciences was established in 1996 and is in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It has campuses in Helsinki, Oulu, Pori, Pieksämäki, and Turku.

Diak significantly contributes to Finland’s UAS-level education. They have been operating for 16 years. Presently, they have 3,700 students, 1,700 of which studies on their Helsinki campus.

The learning institution provides innovative and high-quality degree programs in nursing, community interpreting, social services, sign language interpretation, and youth work. All university units actively participate in their regions’ relevant social and health concerns.

Best reasons to study at Diacona University of Applied Sciences

  • Diak works closely with their long-time partners in Africa, Europe, and Asia in international matters.
  • They are actively concerned about development projects, international research, and curriculum development at a European level.
  • The learning institution provides exchange students possibilities for work placements in social work and nursing. They will accordingly gather experiences in healthcare centers, daycare centers for children, communal social services, and hospitals.

10. Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Aalto University is a merger of two equally-respected learning institutions: the faculty of architecture of the Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Arts and Design Helsinki, also known as Taik in Finnish. Taik is the most prominent art school in all Nordic countries. It started its operations in 1871.

The university has more than 2,000 students taking extensive courses in fashion, design, media, games, film, art, architecture, and art education. Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture also provides 23 MA programs and two MSc programs.

Best reasons to study at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • The learning institution teaches students to be global and efficiently contribute to their community using collaborative, imaginative, unconventional, and compassionate approaches.
  • The university unites in two cross-disciplinary MA programs with other Aalto schools and the Urban Studies Program with the University of Helsinki for its Creative Sustainability and International Design Business Management offering.
  • The university constantly searches for partners that respect creativity and take risks. Additionally, they work with NGOs, cities, companies, start-ups, and the government for success in the areas of research and teaching.

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Universities in Helsinki
Universities in Helsinki will provide you with the best education!

Wrapping it all up

Studying abroad certainly extends your academic horizon, and the universities in Helsinki offer more than that- it is a life-changing experience.

Accordingly, aside from an inspiring environment where you can concentrate, relax, and grow, the capital is home to several international learning institutions. From arts to healthcare, studying in Helsinki is a sure way to create a solid future for you.

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