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Useful Apps for Students Coming to Finland

In this post, we have collected some good apps that are useful for students coming to Finland. All of the following mobile applications are free and can be loaded from app store.


Koronavilkku is an official corona-app in Finland that will notify you if you have been exposed to a person who has reported of having COVID-19 infection. The app will also give you instructions on what to do if you may have been exposed, and you can also anonymously inform others if you have been infected. The app is recommended to everyone living in Finland.

VR Matkalla – train tickets

VR is an app for VR railway company in Finland. In the app, you can search and buy train tickets. The app gathers all the train tickets practically to one place, allows you to track the progress of your train trip in real time, and allows you to see the whole route and train on the map!


Finnair is the app of Finn Air airlines where you can conveniently see the information and travel documents of your upcoming trips, book additional services for your flight, make check-in, see your trip details such as ticket and departure gate number, and see your Finnair Plus card.

HSL app

HSL is an app for Finland’s capital city, Helsinki’s, region transport. Through the app, you can easily buy single -, daily – or season tickets for traveling – whether for bus, train, metro or tran. The app’s route guide will also tell you the best route and suitable ticket to your destination.

Nysse mobiLE

Nysse mobile is an useful app for anyone living in Tampere, Finland. It’s an app for Tampere region’s transport where you can buy bus tickets and find a route guide. The tickets are valid on all means of transport in the public transport area of the entire Tampere region.


Jodel is every university student’s must-have app; it’s an anonymous app specially for college/university students where you can ask or post about any topic, completely anonymously. You can ask about practicalities, read about latest news and events, get local tips, make new friends, vote on polls, find discounts around the city… And there is also a chat where you can privately contact other users. The app will show you posts depending on your location – if you, for example, travel to another Finnish city, the app will recognise your location and show you posts from that city. Almost every university student in Finland has this app, as well as international students!

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Table of Contents