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Vocational Qualification in Business: Fast Track Your Business Dream to Finland in Just 4 Weeks! 

Vocational Qualification in Business
Choosing an accelerated business course isn’t just about academics. It’s a strategic move to reshape your career and fast-track your goals.

Are you an international student with dreams of earning a business degree in Finland? Imagine being able to speed up your progress toward that goal from the comfort of your own home or office. Edunation brings an exciting opportunity designed especially for individuals like you: the Fast Track to Business College Helsinki (BCH).

If you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional looking to upskill, Fast Track to BCH could be your gateway to academic success and professional advancement.

From its flexible online format to its full curriculum, this blog will look at every part of this innovative program. Book a free counselling session with us, and let’s take a look at how we can cater to your needs.

Why HBC? A Little Bit About Business College Helsinki (BCH)

Reputably, Business College Helsinki (BCH) is a renowned institution that produces top-notch business and management education. HBC equips students for successful careers in diverse sectors by emphasizing practical skills and industry-relevant courses.

Fast Track Your Vocational Qualification IN BUSINESS to HBC

Fast Track to Business College Helsinki (BCH) is a 4-week preparatory course for vocational studies in Finland. It includes language studies to enhance your academic English skills and introduce you to the fundamentals of Finnish, subject-specific studies, and academic study techniques.

It is intended for international students who aspire to earn a one-year vocational degree at Business College Helsinki. Fast Track offers an accelerated pathway to your success. It advances your journey toward admission at Business College Helsinki in a short period compared to traditional programs.

The Fast Track program is also accessible online. You can acquire the program from the comfort of your homes, workplaces, or any location of your choice.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional looking to upskill your career, Fast Track to BCH is your gateway to academic success and professional advancement.

Who Should Consider the Fast Track Program?

Business is the most sought-after major in the nation, both among online students and those attending traditional universities.

Many different types of people want to get a business vocational qualification in Finland. The Fast Track to Business College Helsinki Program aims to help them, including you, do that. 

This is a perfect chance for you to improve your skills, make more business connections, and boost your earning potential. You should consider taking the program if you are:


You can apply if you have completed higher secondary school AND a bachelor’s degree in any field, OR a 2-year business diploma/associate degree. The same goes for people who have similar credentials and wish to further their education in business.

After the 4-week fast track program, the vocational degree program takes only one year instead of two. This means that applicants must already have finished high school and be eager to learn more about business.

Hence, to be considered for this program, you must have a minimum GPA of 50% and provide a transcript of your academic records.

Working Professionals 

Busy workers who are seeking to advance their professions or change paths in the business field, but are unable to commit to full-time traditional study.

The 4-week online program and self-study methods enable individuals to manage their employment and study obligations more efficiently. Once again, this online method is only used during the 4-week program. After you’ve completed the ‘4-week program, you will have access to a 1-year vocational degree in business, on-site.

International Students

Any international student interested in pursuing a business degree in Finland is warmly invited to submit an application.

The program’s accessibility and online method can draw international students looking for a top-notch education without geographic restrictions. To clarify, the online method is only used during the 4-week program before you have access to a 1-year vocational degree in business at HBC.

Yes, at Business College Helsinki, which means vocational classes in business are held on-site.

Career Changers 

These are the students with a bachelor’s degree in a different field, a two-year business diploma, or an associate degree who want to switch to a business-related career.

The Fast Track Program offers an accelerated pathway for you to obtain the essential skills and qualifications you need to enter the business field at HBC.

Those Seeking Educational Advancement: 

The Fast Track Program provides a chance for individuals dedicated to lifelong learning and ongoing professional growth. This program will improve your expertise in business, increase your competitiveness in the job market, and guide you to new career paths.

Why Fast Track to Vocational Qualification in Business?

  1. Accelerate Progression. You can efficiently advance in your academic career with the help of the Fast Track Program. It will grant you access to a one-year business degree program.

    Furthermore, this accelerated pace lets you start working or pursue further education sooner, which saves you time and money.
  2. Flexibility and Convenience. The program is available online, so you can learn from home, the office, or anywhere else you choose. Its flexibility helps working professionals who may already have commitments or schedules that hinder them from going to regular classes.
  3. Accessible Pathway: The program provides an accessible pathway for individuals from diverse educational backgrounds to start and pursue a business degree in Finland. 
  4. Comprehensive Curriculum: Despite its accelerated format, the Fast Track Program maintains a comprehensive curriculum to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for success in the field of business. 

    From orientation to academic studies to specialized courses in mathematics, economics, English, and the Finnish language, you will receive a well-rounded education tailored to the demands of the modern business landscape.
  5. Conditional Admission Guarantee: Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a conditional admission letter from Business College Helsinki (BCH), ensuring their place in the upcoming academic cohort. 

    This also ensures students have peace of mind. Knowing that your dedication from the Fast Track Program will lead to tangible results and help you achieve your educational and career aspirations.

Are Online Business Degrees Worth It?

vocational qualification in business
Seize the digital advantage with an online business degree from Finland! Tailored programs, world-class faculty, and endless opportunities await.

Absolutely! Online business degrees, like the 4-week Fast Track program, offer invaluable benefits. These are suitable for adult learners balancing work, family, and school who want to tailor their study schedule to meet personal objectives.

Thus, Fast Track to HBC is a 4-week preparatory course for a business vocational course in Finland. Designed primarily for international students planning to come and study in Finland for a complete academic year starting in August.

What Jobs Can You Get With an Accelerated Business Degree?

If you graduate with a business vocational qualification in Finland, the career opportunities are vast. At the same time, the wage dispersion is wide as well, which could significantly cover your living costs in Finland. You might want to consider and read about the costs of studying in Finland as well.

You can pursue various career paths in the business sector, and you could potentially start with customer service tasks, including:

  • Customer Service Representative:  2,764 EUR/month
  • Sales Representative: 3,775 EUR/month
  • Marketing Specialist: 3,652 EUR/month
  • Event Coordinator: 2,300 EUR/month
  • Warehouse Associate: 2,450 EUR/month

These are just a few examples of the diverse career opportunities available to individuals with an accelerated business degree in Finland. The skills and knowledge gained through these opportunities will equip you to gradually build your career. 

Hence, the average information on salary in Finland is based on estimations, which may slightly differ from the exact rates.

Fast Track Your Pathway to Success with Us

As the leading provider of educational opportunities for international students in Finland, Edunation is committed to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve their academic and professional goals.

With the Fast Track program, we aim to make quality education more accessible and convenient for busy, working professionals and individuals seeking to advance their careers in business.

Book a counseling session with us and let’s explore how this program can help you unlock your potential, broaden your horizons, and take your first step toward a bright future in the world of business. Fasten your seatbelts because your journey begins here!


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