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What I Miss from Finland

It’s a cliché, but true – you start to appreciate things when they are taken away. The image of Finland becomes polished and after living away from your home country for a while you realize it: Finland is quite an amazing place. It starts to remind a non-existing safe haven, where everything is perfect and flawless. Here is some things that majority of Finns will miss abroad.

Fresh Air

Crispy and clean. That’s Finnish air! The air is as pure and unspoiled as you only can imagine. No pollution, no smog, no cough. Breathing is easy around the year.

Blue sky in Vaasa Finland

Drinkable Tap Water

Finnish tap water is hyped and there is a reason for it – it’s simply the best. Available everywhere for free and ready for consumption. Not to mention the good taste of it. You do not need to remember to boil water for drinking or drag heavy water bottles from the supermarket. When the water is always available, you remember to stay hydrated.

Water tap, Finland homes

Honest People

In Finland people are honest. You can trust their word. If someone offers their help or invites you out for a coffee, the next step is in most of the cases to take your calendar out and fix the date. Also, do not ask “How are you?” if you don’t want to hear the answer. Finns tend to explain their current situation in detail, so prepare yourself. You might turn into a therapist after you ask this simple question.

No People

Personal space. Something you really value after living outside Finland. Since the small country has only about 5 million residents and loads of land, you can be sure that it is not crowded out there. Traffic is rarely badly congested and most of the time, you don’t have to worry about queuing for hours to get something through.

Trees and empty roads in Finland

Healthy Food

Finnish food quality and food safety are top class. You know what you are eating. Finding healthy ingredients from supermarket is not a hard task. There is wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and wholegrain products in the shelf. Salads with full of nutrients are easily available from cafes and restaurants, and it is effortless to follow a special diet, since the selection of meals is unlimited. You can have it all! Don’t forget to try the weird-looking dishes as well!

Finnish meal

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Table of Contents