What to see and experience in Finland

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Finland has many beautiful places to visit and learn more about Finnish culture and lifestyle. Add at least these to your bucket list!

Nature and national parks

Finland is a country known for its nature (and education, of course). 75% of Finland is forest and there are over 188 000 lakes. Forests are everywhere and you just simply need to walk on average 600m to be in the nearest forest. Exploring nature has multiple health benefits: it reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, and improves mental health, just to name a few. National parks are free to visit for everyone and they offer the most beautiful natural scenes in Finland and are located all around the country. Forests also provide treats such as blueberries, lingonberries, and mushrooms for people to enjoy.

Finnish lake and forest
Finnish lake and forest

castles and fortresses

Finland has many castles and fortresses that are well preserved and offer beautiful scenes and a great way to learn more about Finnish history. Suomenlinna fortress is located on an island in Helsinki and is a great place to have a picnic and a small exploring trip back in time. Turku Castle functions as a museum nowadays and many of its parts have been preserved to present its historic glory. St. Olaf’s Castle in Savonlinna organizes a big music festival every year. Check also Häme Castle, Kastelhom Castle, Raseborg Castle.

St. Olaf Castle in Savonlinna
St. Olaf Castle in Savonlinna


Sauna is a big part of Finnish culture. It is a place to nourish the health and socialize. Most people have their own sauna and there are more saunas in Finland than private cars. Sauna is used year-round and what could be more refreshing than dipping into a lake or rolling in the snow after a hot sauna.

Woman standing in front of sauna
Cooling down after sauna

theme parks and amusement parks

Moomins are Finnish characters created by Tove Jansson and they have become popular in many countries. In Naantali you can visit Moominworld, the actual Moomin house, and all the different characters. Also, the world-famous Andry Birds have two theme parks in Finland. For people who are looking for action and entertainment, Finland has amusement parks like Linnanmäki, Särkänniemi, and Power Park.

Moominworld in winter
Moominworld in winter


The northern part of Finland has many amazing things to explore. Aurora Borealis, plenty of snow and unique nature. If you can´t wait until next Christmas to see Santa Claus, you can go and visit him, his elves, and reindeers in his village. How about sleeping a night in a snow castle? Every year in Kemi a new snow castle is built where people can visit, eat and sleep. Lapland is also a great place to learn how to ski and people who enjoy speed can try dog sledding or driving a snowmobile.

Winter scene with trees and sun
Winter in Lapland

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