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Masters Degree in Finland: Your Pathway From Northern Lights to Academic Heights

In January 2024, Edunation launched its very first premaster program, also known as Pathway to Masters! The new program is part of the Pathway to Finland suite. The new program is part of the Pathway to Finland suite.

It helps students travel to Finland and attend their preferred university after the program. You can use this preparatory program to advance your academic and career goals in Finland. 

As we look more closely into the details of our program, book a free counseling session, and let’s explore how the Pathway to Masters curriculum is carefully developed. In a way that equips you with the skills and knowledge needed for academic excellence and professional growth.

What’s inside the program?

We considered the requirements and targets of our partner universities’ master programs when planning the Pathway to Master. Finnish universities of applied sciences offer masters programs for working professionals to help them become field experts.

UAS’s primary role is also to help train professionals in the local economy. Keeping these two aspects in mind, we designed a program that would give you the best tools to become more acquainted with the study methods in Finland.

It would also put you at ease with studying and provide materials in English to help you succeed in your studies. Here you can read the top English speaking countries in Europe to study and live

Simultaneously, our Pathway to Master intends to educate you on business life in Finland. It also helps you maneuver into the working life through networking, learning business etiquette, and even entrepreneurship in the country. 

A course on research methods finalizes the program to help you prepare for your upcoming theses, and a course in the Finnish language helps get a head start in your integration process.  

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Your Pathway to Masters Degree in Finland
Print screen from our orientation week program—Helena introducing the clear timeline.

Pathway to Masters

The Pathway to Masters last for 14 weeks. A little over 4 months, from the end of January until mid-May. Over the duration of these months, you study online for a total of six courses, covering a total of 30 credits. 

The semester is divided into two periods. During this, you’ll focus on 3 to 4 courses at a time, enabling you to focus on the key topics without being overwhelmed. The program includes the following topics:  

  • English Language: communication and collaboration in English 
  • English Language: research and thesis writing methods 
  • Entrepreneurship and working in Finland 
  • Management and leadership 
  • Research Methods: Quantitative/Qualitative 
  • Enter Finland – Finnish 1 

Upon successfully completing the program, you progress directly to the Master’s program studies at our host universities in Finland.  

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The Pathway to Master program timeline – a seamless program to building a meaningful life in Finland.

A few words from our teachers  

The teachers of the program can help you prepare for your upcoming studies and life in Finland. The teachers share their knowledge on the subject, give examples, and talk about the considerations of how to live and study in Finland throughout the courses. 

University teachers need to be able to give students advice on how to do well in school and how to fit in with Finnish society outside of school.  Lorant Katona-Faras is teaching the courses Entrepreneurship and Working in Finland as well as Management and Leadership. 

He explains:

“It is exciting not only to teach them the knowledge that will help them succeed in a workplace or business environment but also to give them a glimpse into the Finnish culture, business ethics, working life and to prepare them for its challenges and opportunities. They are eager to hear new things about the life that awaits them, but at the same time, they are shy about expressing their own opinions.” 

 Lorant Katona-Faras

Through this course, you will gain a foundational understanding of the Finnish business market and its new trend. Also, a glimpse of Finnish business culture and an introduction to up-to-date job search tools and methods used in the Finnish job market is taught during the first period.

Furthermore, it introduces you to the best-rated work skills in the Finnish market. Moreover, you will also learn about the entrepreneurial mindset. Wherein it includes developing your ability to identify business ideas, prepare a business plan, and establish your own company. 

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Learning with GLobal students  

Our students represent a total of 6 different countries, which brings you great possibilities for intercultural collaboration. They are enthusiastic to take on this journey with the Pathway to Master. They have also been actively taking part in the online lessons. 

Some of them are glad to get back into learning after a long gap in attending school due to work and other commitments. They’re making the most of the Pathway program to get (re)acquainted with modern teaching methods. 

Others aim to take the next step in their careers while balancing work and private life. They’re following Finland’s reputation in terms of balance between work and leisure. 

Partnering with Top Universities

The Pathway to Masters would not have been possible without the valuable partner institutions in Finland. The program is designed together with our partner to ensure that the content of our courses is aligned with their requirements. 

The Pathway to Master offers progression options to Master level studies at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.  

How do I join the Pathway to Master? 

The entry requirements for the Pathway to Master program depend on your target degree program in Finland. But in a nutshell, the requirements may be as follows:  

  1. An undergraduate degree qualification that gives eligibility for postgraduate degree studies in the student’s own country. 
  2. Transcript of Records with a minimum of 50% GPA
  3. Proof of English proficiency 
  4. Copy of your passport ID page 
  5. Minimum 2 years of post-bachelor’s degree relevant work experience 

The work experience entry requirement is a key to enter the programs at universities of applied sciences. The studies are strongly connected to working life both in our Pathway to Master and later at the universities.

Anyone who wants to learn and grow professionally will be encouraged to think about their own work experiences.   

Finally, is the Pathway to Master for you? 

The Pathway to Master is ideal for anyone contemplating post-graduate studies in Finland. You can learn about the latest developments in your field and move up in your career. You could even go on to study at the doctoral level in the future. 

It is also possible to get back into studying after taking a longer break because of work or family obligations. As if that was not enough, you will also learn how to write and speak English well throughout the program. This will give you the best tools to do well on your upcoming Master’s thesis, an essential part of your studies.  

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Our students learning Finnish with our teacher, Maija Walden.

This could be you! Join us now  

You can apply now to join the Pathway to Master’s current class. You can begin your studies with Pathway in either August 2024 or January 2025, and then continue to Finland in August 2025 to study for your Master’s. 

More information about the application practicalities, program fees, and details can be found on our website: Pathway to Masters in Finland, applications will close in July 2024.  

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Apply now to join our upcoming classes in August 2024 or January 2025, and pave your way to academic heights in the land of the Northern Lights.

Together, book a free counseling session and let’s make your dreams of studying in Finland a reality. Book a free counseling session today and take the first step towards a brighter future.

about the writer

Helena Eijsberg, Senior Manager of Pathway to Finland

Helena Eijsberg holds a bachelor’s degree from her home country, France, and two master degrees (one from Vaasa University and one from Oulu University of Applied Sciences) and has vast experience working with international students and higher education in Finland, and all topics related to internationalization and integration in society are close to her heart.  

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