Are you are interested in developing new partnerships with higher education institutions who share your passion for high-quality education and life-long learning? If yes, then Finland is the country for you. The benefits are numerous both for you and your students. The Finnish higher education system is driven by quality, efficiency, equality and equity. Everybody who works in education share a set of core values despite the divergence between what they do in the field. We all want young people in search of knowledge to receive the best education they can, no matter what their background is.

Finland – the superpower of Education

Finland has the best basic education system in the world. In addition, the country’s higher education has been ranked to be the second best in the world by World Economic Forum, and it has the most efficient universities according to Universitas21 ranking.

Top 3% Universities in World Rankings

1-Year Post-Study Visa for Job Hunting

Low Tuition Fees

Part-time Work Allowed: 25hrs/week

No english requirements for student visa & residence permit

many job opportunities

as little as 4 years to permanent residency


Why Finland?

  • Finland is a country rich in knowledge. Education has made Finland into a world-class, knowledge-based society where cooperation across fields is a norm that cultivates a nurturing environment to learn and innovate.
  • Finland is leading the way in education thanks to its holistic teaching environment that strives for equity over excellence.
  • Finland is in the top 3% of world’s university rankings and has the ideal environment for international students to lead a student life, launch a career and establish long-lasting relationships.
  • Tuition fees were recently introduced; however, they are low and affordable compared to most countries.

Why work with us?

  • Finland is one of the best non-native English speaking countries in the world, making it a great country to partner with.
  • Also the Finnish regulatory system is transparent, and administrative corruption is almost non-existent.
  • Finnish people are truly honest, professional, reliable and are easy to work with.
  • Finns always come well prepared for meetings, so much that a lot of the work is done in advance. Source: The GAN Business Anti-Corruption Portal

At Edunation, we are constantly looking for new partnerships that make our foundation stronger and help us reach our goal; to spread the benefits of Finnish higher education. Not only is Edunation your one-stop solution to the top universities in Finland, but we also provide you the training and support you need to be the best possible guide for each student you work with.

If Finland and Finnish education has sparked your interest, we’d love to hear from you. Becoming our representative is quick and easy; simply contact us at

Edunation Team