Eduko – more opportunities for a better life. Eduko’s close cooperation with the working life ensures the most up-to-date education.


Kouvola Vocational Institute, Eduko, offers vocational education and coaching as well as rehabilitation services, which give people more opportunities to create a better life.

Education at Eduko focuses on improving skills and expertise crucial in modern working life. Courses, programs, and learning environments are closely cooperating with working life and companies. They offer vocational qualification, which ranges from basic to advanced or specialized capabilities, as well as continuous education, further training courses, and working life certificate training. In addition, Eduko provides language and integration training for immigrants.

About Eduko

Eduko operates in a couple of locations in Kouvola, which is located in South-East Finland. Kouvola is a charming town with beautiful nature. It has good connections to the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

There are annually about 6500 students and more than 300 experts in education, counseling, administration, and other services at Eduko.

Studying at Eduko

At the beginning of their studies, students are provided with individual study plans designed according to their goals, previous studies, and work history. Studying is done on the campuses as well as online. Courses also include on-the-job learning, a vital part of the learning process. The vocational qualifications are competence-based, and assessment is done in cooperation with the working life representatives.