Study Vocational in Saimaan ammattiopisto Sampo

EDUSAMPO improves collaboration with businesses and communities, receiving excellent feedback for their high-quality education.


Edusampo offers vocational education in Lappeenranta, Imatra, and Ruokolahti. Edusampo’s vision is to improve work; better work happens when superior skill, attitude, conditions, and management meet.

Edusampo actively participates in projects that enhance local and global vocational education, business management, and well-being at work.

Edusampo has large international partners such as Fazer Makeiset and Stora Enso. They also cooperate with communities such as town administrations, Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneur organizations, and other colleges and universities.

Semester Starts

August to September 2024

Application Period

January 2024 to June 2024

Tuition Fee

€11,000 in 1 Academic Year

About the


Edusampo is a subsidiary of Saimaa Vocational College Sampo in Lappeenranta. The company was founded in 2015 and has since provided nearly 40000 days of ongoing vocational training per year.

Edusampo operates in three locations; Lappeenranta, Imatra, and Ruokolahti. Lappeenranta is an international university city as well as an interesting tourist destination. Both Imatra and Ruokolahti are known for their stunningly beautiful nature.

Edusampo’s courses are available live on campuses as well as online. The course selection includes fields such as catering, business management, workplace safety, forestry, and process industry. Teachers come mainly from Saimaa Vocational College Sampo and offer professional know-how as well as pedagogical skills. Edusampo is proud of its outstanding 9/10 average in customer feedback.


Campus Address

Lappeenranta, Finland


Lappeenranta as every city in Finland is safe. You can walk homeafter a night out. The wallet you've lost turns up at the lost and found. Lappeenranta is a family friendly city.


Lappeenranta, nestled in Finland's scenic beauty, is renowned for its innovative spirit and warm hospitality, blending tradition with modernity to create a captivating charm that draws visitors from far and wide.


Lappeenranta is a compact city. You can reach every corner of the city by walking, cycling or public transportation.


In Lappeenranta, you're embraced for who you are, enjoying personal freedom in a welcoming atmosphere. The city celebrates individuality, inviting you to be yourself without reservation.


Wherever you are in Lappeenranta, nature is never more than an arm's length away. Lappeenranta is a city by the lake and offers beautiful hike.

Staff & Students

Sampo has 3,000 students and 400 staff members. Sampo offers a great variety of programs and works in close cooperation with companies and the public sector. Edusampos’ staff are trained in international export business by HAMK (Häme University of Applied Sciences).


Sampo’s values are customer orientation, a growth mindset, responsibility, and a sense of communication. Their values are incorporated into all operations.

Why Choose


Modern and versatile provider of Vocational Programs

Offers support and guidance in every phase of your studies

Invests in students personal study plan

Offers guidance for employment and further studies after graduation.



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Edunation recruits and pre-screen students.

Edunation holds admission interviews for qualified students as soon as possible, withine one week.

Edunation sends students who passed the interview to Edusampo for the final interview.

For students that pass the interview, Edunation will share acceptance letter and tuition fee invoice.

After receiving the tuition fee payments for Edusampo students, they will receive the RP instruction and Finnish Language course online instuctions etc.



The total program fee for the April 2024 intake: 11,800 Euros

The total program fee for 1 year of studies is 11,800 EUR

Students will be invoiced 11,800 EUR when accepting the study place. The program fees are to be paid in one installment. The payment due date is 14 days after receiving the invoice. The deadline for all the payments is November 30, 2023, thus the due date may not be later than the final deadline.

Students must complete all program requirements within the time limit set by the school, that is, 1 year, to graduate.

The Finnish language course fee is 345 EUR. The language course must be paid for before the course starts.

Rules and


Abide by the regulations and statutes of the Host Institution

Study according to program principles and comply with the established attendance rules

Do not be absent from class, the school has no obligation to help you catch up. During the study term/semester you cannot be absent (for example travel back home this you have holidays).

Absence will lead to losing your study rights.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to inform the teacher about it.

Pursue studies according to the program curriculum and the established schedules.

Follow all aspects of academic ethics. Any violation of the principles, particularly cheating and plagiarism is considered misbehavior and will be processed according to the regulations and policies of the Host Institution.

Diligently and to the best of your ability aim to complete the program - remember there is a study limit of 1 year in this tailored group education program.

You need to remain a student and have a residence permit for your studies to remain enrolled.

The institution is a professional place, you cannot bring your children with you to class. It is your responsibility to make sure they have daycare or school when your studies start. You cannot be absent from your studies.

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