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Talent Finder recruitment, training, and job placement services

You enter into a recruitment and training contract with Edunation in Finland as an employer. We recruit professionals individually for each job, considering each person’s education and previous work experience. We select the candidates best suited to your needs from among the established professionals. You choose your employees after looking at their study and work certificates and after interviewing them.

We are recruiting social and healthcare professionals for the following positions

Service description

In cooperation with its own partners, Edunation organizes training for students recruited from abroad. Edunation is fully or together with its partners responsible for student recruitment and selection for education programs. In student selection, the best candidates are selected to study in Finland especially on the basis of high motivation and previous competence. Upon arriving in Finland, the students have completed a Finnish language course and familiarized themselves with Finnish culture and customs. Students deepen their knowledge during theoretical studies and practical training in Finland, which are strongly integrated with the teaching of the Finnish language and work habits. The goal is that the students are fully prepared to be employed in Finland part-time during their studies and full-time after graduation.

Before graduation, students can work a maximum of 30 hours per week with a student residence permit.

The goals and purpose of the agreement

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