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Welcome to Finland, the world’s happiest country! We at Edunation are excited to help you on your life-changing journey of studying and working in Finland!

Suomi, or Finnish, is the official language of Finland. It is a fascinating dialect with different emphases on nouns and verbs. Finnish, like every other language in the world, is dynamic. Thus, setting strict controls for a specific grammatical point is challenging.

In reality, learning and speaking Finnish is simple. All you need is a professional, dedicated, and experienced Finnish language instructor who will guide you through the entire learning process.

With this, we are happy to introduce the best Finnish language courses for working and studying in Finland – EN FINNISH. All our language courses are available online, allowing you complete flexibility in learning Finnish wherever you want.

We offer interactive and flexible courses, modern teaching methods, highly qualified and experienced instructors, and customized programs to meet your specific requirements!

Take your first step in working and studying in Finland! Learn the Finnish language for only 495 Euros!

why choose Finnish language course by edunation?

Flexibility online

You can learn Finnish smoothly with the help of Edunation Finnish. We offer interactive and enjoyable online lessons that you can access from anywhere. You can also practice your language skills by conversing with classmates from all over the world.

Modern teaching methods

Learning a new language is always enjoyable! We make it more exciting by applying modern and engaging methods that everyone will enjoy. You will also go through specific tasks to help you improve your creativity and confidence when speaking Finnish.

Experienced teachers

We have highly trained and qualified instructors to help you with every step! In addition to teaching, they will provide feedback and consultations to make learning enjoyable and straightforward for you.

Tailored for all your needs

Everyone can benefit from our language courses! We provide students with Finnish language online sessions ranging from beginner to advanced. You will also learn specific words as a worker that you can use in your future Finnish job.

Budget-Friendly Tuition

Unlock the doors to language proficiency without breaking the bank—our program is one of the most affordable Finnish language options in the global market.


Our course welcomes students with zero knowledge of the Finnish language, providing a supportive environment for learners at every level.

Digital Learning Hub

Access a wealth of resources at your fingertips! Explore class recordings, assignments, and activities in our digital platform, available for download for convenient offline learning.

Career Advantage

Acquire language skills that open doors to job opportunities and enhance your chances of success in work or study applications in Finland.

Program Offered

Suomi / Finnish Level A0 – A2.1


Sixteen (16) Weeks

Intake Date

July 29, 2024, and end on November 15, 2024

Class Schedule

60-minute online classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Helsinki time.

Mode of Study

Online Studies



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Check Schedule Compatibility

Ensure the course schedule aligns with your desired time and date.

Submit Application

Complete the online application form. Pay directly during application or at your convenience; an invoice will be provided.

Payment Verification

Once payment is verified, receive access to course credentials and login details.

Join the Community

Begin your learning journey by connecting with classmates from various countries.

Course Completion

Successfully pass the course and receive a Certificate of Completion for your Finnish language proficiency.


  • Getting familiar with the Finnish phonetics
  • Mastering basic everyday phrases and forming simple sentences
  • Introducing yourself
  • Telling about your family and background
  • Describing the weather
  • Telling about your day

Practice makes perfect! So, to improve your Finnish, we strongly recommend that you have three hours a week of independent study.

We will conduct individual feedback and examination during the course to assess your learning ability.

It is easy to succeed in our Finnish language class! Simply be on time and attend classes for your Finnish 2 course. You must also schedule independent exercises and pass all the examinations.

You will receive a valuable certificate after passing our Finnish 2 course, and you are now closer to working and studying in Finland!


The course begins at level A0, so learners are not required to have any prior knowledge of the Finnish language. The goal is to reach level A2.1 by the end of the course.

A2: Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.

A1: Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Can introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has. Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.


The Course Schedule details are as follows: 

Sixteen (16) Weeks: 

60-minute online classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Helsinki time.

Why should I pay the course fee after I submit my application?

Paying the course fee after submitting your application serves several important purposes: 

Slot Reservation: By paying the course fee, you secure your spot in the course. Many educational institutions have limited capacity, and systems can fill up quickly. Paying the fee ensures that you have a guaranteed place in the class.

Application Processing: The application fee often covers administrative costs associated with processing your application. This includes reviewing your credentials, checking prerequisites, and ensuring that you meet the requirements for the course.

Commitment: Paying the fee demonstrates your commitment to enrolling in the course. It signifies that you are serious about your education and are willing to invest in your learning.

Resource Allocation: Educational institutions allocate resources based on the number of students who have paid their fees. This includes assigning instructors, preparing materials, and scheduling classes. Your payment helps the institution plan and allocate resources effectively.

Fairness: Requiring all applicants to pay a fee helps filter out individuals who may not be genuinely interested in the course. It ensures that the institution’s time and resources are dedicated to those serious about their education.

Covering Costs: Educational institutions have operational costs, such as maintaining facilities, providing learning materials, and paying staff. The application fee helps offset some of these costs.

Policy Adherence: Many institutions have policies and procedures, including collecting application fees. Adhering to these policies ensures that the institution can maintain its operations and offer quality education.

While it may seem like an extra expense upfront, paying the course fee after submitting your application is a standard practice in the education industry. It benefits both the student and the institution by facilitating a smooth enrollment process and efficiently allocating resources to provide a quality educational experience.


12 intakes or has a monthly intake

Each intake spans sixteen weeks, offering a focused and immersive learning experience.

This is a beginner Finnish language course for Edunation language students. We start from level A0, meaning that the students do not need to have any previous knowledge of the Finnish language. The goal is to reach level A2.1 in the Finnish language by the end of the course.

The class schedule is as follows: 60-90 minutes per day and 2-3 classes per week

Program fee

All ages, as long as they can speak and understand the English Language

495 Euros (1-time payment for the whole duration of the course)

Yes, end of the course

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