Welcome to Edunation’s Finnish Language Courses for Your Staff! 

On this page, we will explore the benefits of learning Finnish and discover how it can elevate your employees’ skills and contribute to the success of your business. 

Even though many Finns speak English fluently, there are plenty of advantages to studying Finnish. From improving your workplace’s communication to tapping into new markets and more opportunities. 

Let’s explore why learning and integrating the Finnish language is a strategic move in the workplace. 

Perks of Learning Finnish Language in Workplaces

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1. Enhances networking skills.

Your staff will be more familiar with Finnish people and culture, making them more versatile and generally empathetic with your customer’s concerns and needs. Their networking skills will also improve, which will help your business grow faster. 

Especially when your employees attend a local or global conference, they’ll be able to communicate in Finnish which could open doors to valuable connections and collaborations with Finnish professionals from related and various fields. 


2. Your employees will feel more confident and fit for their positions.

Learning a new dialect is challenging, and once your staff master Finnish, they will feel empowered in their jobs. For example, when an employee is presenting or leading a meeting with Finnish clients using two languages, it boosts and strengthens their morale and confidence.

You will surely be proud as they will be braver in communicating with your customers and create more connections.  


3. Improves your employee’s memory. 

Gaining a new skill, such as speaking a new language, can enhance your employee’s memory, and learning Finnish involves memorizing vocabulary and understanding complex grammar structures.

This cognitive exercise enhances your employees’ language skills and improves retention. You can expect a more productive staff to have better recall and problem-solving abilities, always preparing them to help with daily operations. 


4. Other vital skills will improve. 

Your staff will enhance their problem-solving, analytical, and listening skills as they receive more knowledge, such as the Finnish language. 

It is also proven that one effectively participates and becomes more reliable in a multicultural setup if they are familiar with the dialect used in the area, creating a more versatile and adaptable workforce.


5. Being bilingual can professionally upgrade them to higher positions in the company. 

Once your business expands, employees who perform exceptionally well and are proficient in the Finnish language can be the first to be considered for promotions. Aside from understanding how your business operates, they can effectively communicate with your partners and establish strong customer bonds.  

Proficiency in the Finnish language can set your employees apart for roles requiring language expertise, such as liaising with Finnish clients or managing projects in Finland, putting them on top of the competition in the market.


6. Speaking and understanding Finnish allows your staff to enjoy the country’s music, art, literature, and more. 

Having a work-life balance is essential for every worker; thus, learning Finnish opens the door for your employees to enjoy an active social life in the country. Now, if they can speak and understand Finnish, they will appreciate Finland’s rich culture represented through art, songs, movies, and more.  

Imagine your team attending a cultural event in Finland, fully engaging with the local arts scene. Language proficiency also facilitates a deeper appreciation and fosters a sense of connection and cultural awareness among the locals of Finland.


7. Your staff can actively participate and be responsible in Finland. 

Familiarizing with the language opens a person’s perspective on Finnish society. They will be more at ease in communicating and participating in efforts in community development. Your staff will also fully understand specific laws set in the nation.  

Let’s say your company has operations or partnerships in Finland, employees with knowledge of the language can actively participate in local projects, contribute meaningfully to discussions, and take on more responsibilities, strengthening your global presence. 


8. Studying other languages used in Finland will be easier. 

Once your staff is an expert in the Finnish language, they can quickly learn other dialects used in the country, such as Swedish. It will enhance their communication skills and build an equal connection to provide the best customer service experience.  

Knowing Finnish exposes your employees to a different perspective on the world and allows them to develop themselves. 

Customers adore the extra effort your staff put into speaking Finnish. There will be more pleasant conversations that build trust, making them come back again and buy your products and services. Also, upon entering a store where the staff communicates using Finnish, your clients will feel a sense of nationality.

Why Choose Edunation’s Finnish Language Courses For Your Staff

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Like every other language in the world, the Finnish language is dynamic, and setting strict controls for a specific grammatical point can be challenging for international workers and students. 

But Edunation is here to provide a comprehensive solution to foster effective communication and cultural understanding among your staff members. With our specialized program, EN FINNISH, Edunation offers the best Finnish language training for those working and studying in the country. 

Our experienced Finnish language teachers conduct engaging lessons suitable for all ages, offering a unique perspective on the dynamic nature of the Finnish language. 

When learning and speaking Finnish, individuals can add a personal touch to their interactions, creating a sense of nationality which enhances communication and establishes a connection that keeps customers coming back for more.

Edunation’s Finnish Language Courses are Available Online!

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We guarantee a fun and creative way of learning Finnish.

So we make our language courses available online, giving your employees complete freedom to learn Finnish whenever and wherever they want. 

We provide engaging and adaptable courses, modern teaching methods, highly qualified and experienced instructors, and customized programs to meet the specific needs of your staff.

Our Finnish language teachers lead interactive lessons and exercises, for all ages, that will help your staff communicate and learn better from their classmates worldwide.

Your employees will also learn tailored words based on the specific needs of your business which will train them on how to communicate effectively with your customers. 

We provide review sections, examinations, and individual assessments to help your personnel build their Finnish communication abilities. 

Enroll Your Team in EN Finnish Now!

Onboarding your employees in Edunation’s Finnish language courses equips them with language proficiency and enhances their workplace skills, which will contribute to professional growth, foster cultural engagement, and ensure positive customer interactions. 

Edunation’s approach goes beyond language acquisition, creating a well-rounded and culturally aware workforce that adds value to your business.

Enroll your team now in EN Finnish to open new doors of opportunities for your businesses. Feel free to book a free counseling session and talk with our experts so we can help find the most suitable program for your employees!

To learn more about our Finnish language courses, visit our EN Finnish page. You may also enroll your staff by clicking here