Learning Finnish, like any other language, will be challenging. It is easy if you have the passion and focus and is willing to put a bit of hard work into mastering this exciting language.

Here are positive ways to learn Finnish to prepare for your study in Finland!

1. Learn the right way!

Edunation offers the best Finnish language course online. We have interactive online courses that you can access anywhere. Our modern teaching methods are engaging, and you can practice with your fellow students worldwide.

Additionally, our teachers are language experts. They provide consultation and helpful feedback to assess your growth. Furthermore, our Finnish language courses teach specific words to match your needs for future employment in the country.

2. Watch cartoons dubbed in Finnish.

Most streaming apps have language options. Use this particular feature in learning this exciting language by watching your all-time favorite cartoons in Finnish. It will be easier for you to understand in Finnish as you probably memorize the script.

3. Read Finnish children’s books.

Finnish children’s books have basic and simple terms you can use to communicate effectively. You may also read aloud to practice how the proper diction and pronunciation.

4. Posting notes to improve your memory

Posting notes in your room or areas you frequently stay in can help you memorize challenging Finnish words.  You can see it often and can repeatedly pronounce it anytime you want.

5. Be confident in speaking Finnish.

Once you are in Finland, always remember that making mistakes is normal. Finns will understand if you commit errors while speaking. They will not criticize or become annoyed. In fact, Fins will appreciate your effort to learn!

Learning a new language should always be fun! Apply to our EN Finnish courses and master this exciting language for your higher education goals!



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