It is normal to feel nervous before you arrive in Finland. You will also feel excited about your new life ahead. As you experience different emotions, you might need to remember to prepare essential things. Worry not because we are here to help you remember!

Below is a checklist of things to do before your life-changing journey in Finland. Let’s take a look!

  • Purchase international student insurance for your student residence permit application
  • Apply for the residence permit. Please visit our Residence Permit requirements to know the procedure and needed documents.
  • Check that your passport is and will be valid during your time abroad.
  • Book a flight after you already receive your residence permit.
  • If applicable, apply on time for scholarships and funding.
  • Have your required vaccines before going to Finland.
  • Apply for your accommodation in Finland. Housing organizations in every city in the country offer affordable apartments.
  • Get a credit card.
  • Submit a notice of migration to local authorities and postal service to redirect your mail.
  • Register with the embassy of your home country to let them know you will be staying abroad.
  • Learn more about Finland as much as possible. Feel free to visit our blog section and scroll over the categories to get updated information about the country.

During Your Study In Finland

  • Enjoy and respect all the nationalities in the country. Learning more about the Finnish people is highly advisable as you will interact with them daily.
  • Be active with your studies and meet new people. Embrace the unique culture and learn new ideas from it.
  • You may work part-time in the country, but make sure your study is the main priority.

And that’s it! You are ready for higher education in the happiest country in the world! Enjoy this life-changing journey, as it will improve your knowledge and future!



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