Choosing an educational program to study is challenging. There are many factors to consider, and you must be sure to pick the right one as you will invest time, money, and effort in completing the educational program.

Let us help you decide which educational course suits you. Truthfully answer all the following questions to know the best academic course for you.

1. What is your educational background?

Your academic requirement is vital in choosing the ideal program for you. Visit our Study Programs page and check out the available Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. Make sure your educational background compliments the program you desire to pursue.

Read every description and familiarize yourself with job opportunities.

2. How much is your budget?

You should consider your budget in picking the right program for you. Luckily, you can work in Finland 30 hours a week! This privilege will help you earn eight to 12 hours per hour and can cover your expenses in the country.

To view the tuition fee for each program, go to our Study Programs page, click on your chosen program, and choose Tuition Fee & Scholarships.

Furthermore, Finland is a safe country. Choosing any location to learn higher education is okay, but the living costs vary from city to city.

3. Where is your preferred location in Finland?

Opt for a location you are most comfortable with. Ensure that the area has a “breathing space” for you. It would not be a problem since Finland has gorgeous, clean lakes, mountains, and shorelines.

 You can familiarize yourself with all our partner universities by visiting our University Page. Browse our extensive list of partner universities and check if they offer the course that interests you. It also contains valuable information, such as the application period, admission requirements, tuition fees, and more!

4. How long are you willing to study for the educational program?

Consider the length of your chosen program. Are you mentally and physically prepared? Your financial capability will also play an essential role in this factor. Can your budget sustain your needs during your study?

Our blog section can help you decide. We wrote useful blogs to assist with your concerns. You may also read student stories to know how learners from all over the world successfully achieved higher education in the happiest country in the world!

5. Will you be comfortable with your new environment?

Finland is a beautiful first-world country where you can relax. It successfully merged modern facilities with natural wonders, making it an ideal place to live and study.

You must also be comfortable with the different seasons in Finland.  Do you prefer to come to the country in the summer? How about in autumn? Be ready for your new environment, as you must focus entirely on your studies.

6. What educational program will you genuinely enjoy?

Passionate people stay long in a career they genuinely enjoy. Ensure that the educational course you choose will lead to your dream job.

Although studying an in-demand course will pay you well after graduating, your happiness while doing the job is more important!

7. What are your strengths and skills?

Talents are natural gifts that you use to help and inspire other people. You can choose a program to enhance your talent and contribute significantly to the community.

However, even though you are not equipped with the right skills but are passionate enough to learn and willing to do hard work, we believe you can make it! Book a free counseling session, and let us discuss your educational goals.

8. Where do you see yourself after finishing your chosen program?

Reflecting on where you see yourself two to four years after graduating helps greatly. It makes you excited and pushes you to work towards your goal.

To do this, sit down, relax, and clear your mind. It would also help to consult your family members in deciding, but ultimately, you have the final decision. Trust your instinct. It will be confusing initially, but the rewards will make you happy!



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