Is it easy to bring my family to Finland once I am an international student?

Generally, it depends on various factors.

If you and your spouse applied together (you for a student residence permit, and your spouse, for a spouse residence permit), it might affect the processing time. You may receive your student residence permit late and miss your academic schedule in Finland.

In addition, the first permit to be processed is the student residence permit. The spouse residence permit generally takes longer to be processed, around three to seven months. With this, we highly recommend applying separately for each permit.

Arriving in Finland with a student residence permit and making your spouse apply later is the best move. You will be on time for your university schedule and can adjust effectively to your new environment.

Once you have settled in the country, your spouse can apply for a spouse resident permit. A spouse residence permit’s required income is generally higher than a student residence permit.

Your spouse must have 700 EUR per month for living expenses in the country. After meeting this requirement and legally verifying your relationship, getting a resident permit for your spouse is easy.

The total amount for a student (560 EUR) and spouse (700 EUR) is 1,260 EUR per month. If you decide to bring along your minor child, there is an additional 500 EUR per month. Thus, the total for a couple with one kid is 1,760 EUR per month.

Note that student and spouse residence permit applicants must have separate bank accounts to show the source of funds. On the other hand, the fund for the child can be in the spouse’s bank account.

  • Valid passport
  • Passport photo
  • Colored copy of passport pages that has your personal information
  • Colored copy of your spouse’s passport page with their personal information
  • Form for Clarification of Family Ties that your spouse in Finland must sign
  • A document that shows you are legally staying in the country where you submitted the application
  • If you are already in Finland, send a signed Form MP.

For more information and other additional requirements, please visit the Finnish Immigration Service.

Once the spouse’s residence permit is approved, your family can join you in Finland. Your spouse can also work full-time in the country. To help your budget in Finland, read the living costs in Finland for international students.