Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Finland are affordable compared to the fees in many other countries. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world, yet the average tuition fee is only around 7 000 to 13 000 EUR per academic year. Most universities also offer scholarships. You can find the exact tuition fee on our university page.

University in Finland

Tuition fee/Year

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s: 7 000 €
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s: 8 000 €
Arcada University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s: 9 500 € / Master’s: 10 000 – 11 000 €
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s: 9 500 – 10 500 €
LUT University Bachelor’s: 9 000 – 9500 € / Master’s: 13 500 €
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s & Master’s: 10 000 – 13 000 € / Top-up: 11 000 € – 13 000 €
Turku University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s: 11 500 €
Hanken School of Economics Master’s: 15 000 €
Karelia University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s: 9 000 – 10 000€
LAB University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s: 8 000€

Universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland charge tuition fees from students who are non-EU/EEA citizens. These fees are charged for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are taught in languages other than Finnish or Swedish.

Depending on the university and study program, bachelor’s studies usually last from 3.5 years to 4 years and master’s studies from 1.5 year to 2 years.

Whether you apply through Edunation or directly to the university, you pay the same amount of tuition. However, there are degree programs with unique specializations that are organized only by Edunation and the teaching is provided by one of Edunation’s partner universities. For those programs the tuition fee might differ from the university’s tuition fee.

Note: The items not included in the tuition fee are
  • Flights
  • Residence permit
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation and other living costs
  • Other study-related costs (e.g. course books, unless indicated otherwise in the program description)

However, you don’t need to pay tuition fees if you have:

  • Passport or identity card indicating citizenship of EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • EU Blue Card in Finland
  • Continuous residence permit card in Finland, Type A permit
  • EU Family Member’s Residence Card in Finland
  • Permanent residence permit card in Finland, Type P permit
  • EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence permit card in Finland (Type P-EU)

If you have one of these documents, you need to submit a copy of it when you are applying.

Edunation charges a service fee of 200 EUR from students who apply through Edunation to Edunation’s partner universities. This covers 1-2 choices of degree programs or university. Included in the fee are Edunation’s customer service and support services during and after admission. More information about the fee can be found in the terms and conditions.