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Is your vision to study at a university in Europe, but the entry requirements are too high? Don’t worry! We’ve got a solution for you. Edunation Pathway Diploma has been specifically designed  to help you reach your dream of studying in Europe. Our program provides you with a guaranteed progression to top universities.

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Edunation Pathway Diploma is a preparatory program for international students who wish to start their university studies abroad, but do not yet meet requirements for direct entry. The program helps you prepare for higher education studies and reach the skill level needed for university entry. After successfully completing the Pathway Diploma, you will be eligible to progress to degree studies at one of our partner universities.

Pathway Diploma programs usually consist of English language studies and subject-specific studies. Our study courses have been designed to help you develop academic skills, including communication, critical thinking, and researching.

After the Pathway Diploma program, you will feel more prepared and confident to start your university journey abroad. Our study courses do not only increase your English language skills but also introduce you to the basic concepts of your chosen study field. During the program, you will learn to work in an intercultural study environment and develop your academic study skills.

Successful completion of the Pathway Diploma leads to direct university entry. After the program, you will be eligible to enter the first year of degree studies at your pre-selected university program in Europe.

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