Become a world-class educator in Finland

Are you a high school graduate looking for a bachelor’s degree or perhaps you are an early childhood educator looking to develop your professional skills? This program is for anyone willing to learn more about the world-renowned Finnish education!

This two-module program will give you guaranteed admission to degree studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The program also works as a unique professional development course for anyone working with children in preschools, kindergartens and daycare settings.

Table of Contents

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6-12 months
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30-60 ECTS
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Admission requirements
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English requirements
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Age requirements
17 years and above


This two-module program will provide you with a strong foundation to become an education professional of the future!

Module 1: Pathway Studies in Early Childhood Education and Care (30 ECTS)

Pathway studies in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) have strong connections to Finnish early childhood education and care tradition. During the studies, you will learn the principles of the Finnish ECEC. Pathway studies provide you with unique opportunities to learn more about children and families in an international online context.

Module 2: Fun Learning Educator Program (30 ECTS)

The Fun Learning Educator program has been designed to develop your competencies through the Fun Learning approach. The studies combine Finnish education expertise with best practices around the world to take everyday learning to the next level. This module can be completed at any point of your studies.

Pathway Studies in Early Childhood Education and Care (30 ECTS)
Course Name# of Credits
Upbringing and Child Welfare5
Professional Interaction, Ethics and Counselling5
Counselling and Support for Parents and Families5
Multicultural Work and Community Work5
Practical Training in ECEC5
English Professional Skills in ECEC5


Fun Learning Educator (30 ECTS)
Course Name# of Credits
How to be a Fun Learning Educator5
The Fun Learning Approach5
Essential Elements of a Fun Learning Environment5
A Day in a Fun Learning Kindergarten5
Pedagogical Observation in Practice5
My Fun Learning Portfolio5

Throughout the program, you will receive constant support and feedback from your teachers. We use a variety of different assessment methods. Course assessment is usually based on coursework, written assignments, participation, presentations, and exams.

Progression options

Turku University of Applied Sciences

You will be eligible to progress directly to degree studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences after completing the following module: TUAS Pathway (30 ECTS). The study credits will be fully accredited as part of your degree.

In order to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from TUAS, you are required to have completed the Fun Learning Education program (30 ECTS). The Fun Learning Educator program is completely online-based and self-paced which gives you flexibility to complete the studies whenever you like.

Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education consists of the following:

  • TUAS Pathway (30 ECTS)
  • Fun Learning Educator program (30 ECTS)
  • Degree studies (150 ECTS)


We have made applying easy and simple for you! Students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, which means that you can get your acceptance within 1-2 days if you meet the admission requirements.

  • High school diploma / Higher Secondary Education*
  • Transcript of records
  • Proof of English language (IELTS 5.0, TOEFL IBT 35-45, Duolingo 75-80, or equivalent)
  • Copy of passport ID page

*You must have graduated from high school or be in your final year of studies to be eligible for the program

  1. Prepare and scan all the necessary documents before applying
  2. Apply through the application form on our Apply page
  3. Attach the required documents
  4. Pay the application fee of 50 EUR
  5. Click on the “Submit” button
  6. Check your email to receive feedback and guidance for the next steps.

Tuition Fee & Scholarship

Tuition Fee

  • Pathway program – 4550 EUR
  • Degree studies – 11 500 EUR per year
  • Total – 33 300 EUR


The top 3 highest performing pathway students will be rewarded with progression scholarships. The amount of a scholarship is 1000 EUR.

The scholarships are only rewarded for students continuing to degree studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences.


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