Why choose the Pathway to Finland program?

Pathway to Finland provides you with endless opportunities, whether you wish to continue to university studies or complete the program as a standalone qualification.

Do you dream of studying abroad, but the university entry requirements are too high? Don’t be discouraged because we have the solution for you! We believe that everyone should have the possibility for high-level education, which is why we have designed the Pathway to Finland program. Unlike most other pathway programs, we guarantee you direct admission to one of our partner universities!

Pathway to Finland not only improves your academic skills but also teaches you intercultural communication skills and other characteristics that are essential for academic success. These skills are also highly valued by employers and can help you advance your career.

After completing the Pathway to Finland program, you will be eligible to progress to the first year of degree studies at your pre-selected university in Europe.

Pathway to Finland studies are recognized by our partner universities in Europe. Depending on your chosen destination university, the study courses may also count towards your university degree. So when the time comes to proceed to your degree studies, you have already made progress!

During your studies, you will interact with students from all over the world, which gives you a unique chance to start building your future network. Networking is essential for your career, and the earlier you start, the better!

Pathway to Finland is your first step towards achieving your dream of earning a university degree. A university degree from a European university provides you with endless opportunities to build a meaningful and successful career.

The education system in Europe might be different from what you are used to in your home country. Our goal is to prepare you, culturally and academically, to university studies at European universities. By the time you start your degree studies, you will feel confident and be ready to reach your full potential.

Besides improving your academic study skills, the pathway studies will introduce you to your chosen study field. When you proceed to your chosen university degree program, you will already master the basics or even be one step ahead of others.



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