Revised on 13.12.2019

1. Tuition fees

Edunation has, as an official partner of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and LUT University, the right to invoice tuition or program fees from students who are accepted through Edunation to study in those universities. Edunation sends the accepted students a tuition fee invoice and payment instructions together with the acceptance letter.

The amount of the tuition fee varies according to the university and the study program. The tuition fee grants the student a study place in the university and study program that the student has been accepted to. The tuition fee does not include

  • Accommodation costs
  • Airplane tickets or other transportation
  • Visa or residence permit costs
  • Insurances
  • Vaccinations or other healthcare costs
  • Other study-related costs (e.g. course books)

The tuition fee needs to be paid by the deadline that is given in the payment instructions. Extensions for the payment deadline can be inquired from Edunation by e-mail. If the student does not pay the tuition fee by the given (or extended) deadline, he/she might lose the study place.

The tuition fee payment can be made through a bank transfer to Edunation bank account that is stated in the payment instructions and the invoice. It is the applicant’s responsibility to pay for any banking fees or currency transaction fees, so that the final payment that arrives to Edunation bank account is the amount of the full tuition fee. If the arriving payment is smaller than the full tuition fee, Edunation has the right to ask the student to submit another payment to cover the missing amount.

2. Cancelling the Study Place

Each university has their own policies for cancelling the study place. Edunation is not responsible for making cancellation decisions.

If a student wants to cancel his/her study place after being admitted to Edunation’s partner university, the cancellation needs to be done by a written notice (e-mail) to both the university and Edunation. Cancellation is free of charge if made before the student has paid the tuition fee. In other cases, administrative fees may be applicable as stated in the following section ‘Refund Policy’.

3. Refund policy

When Edunation invoices the tuition fee from the student, the refund policy is as follows:

The student has a right to a full refund of the tuition fee (excluding Edunation service fee and any possible banking fees) in one of the following cases:

  • if the student is not granted a residence permit to Finland, or if the university cancels the student’s study place because of delayed arrival
  • if the student has been conditionally admitted to a university but does not graduate on time and his/her study place is thus cancelled
  • if the host university is unable to organize the degree program

If the student cancels the study place on any other grounds than those mentioned above, Edunation will refund 90 % of the whole tuition fee and withholds 10 % for administrative costs. Such situations may arise, for example, in the following situations:

  • Health issues of the student or a family member that prevent the student from starting their studies
  • Not applying for a residence permit to Finland
  • Receiving a study place from another university
  • Withdrawing the residence permit application before the Finnish Immigration Services have given the residence permit decision. However, the student has a right to a full refund of the tuition fee if the university has announced that they cannot accept the student any longer.

The above-mentioned cases are only examples of situations when the tuition fee is partially refunded. As a general rule, the tuition fee is always partially refunded if the cancellation is initiated by the student, whereas the tuition fee is fully refunded if the cancellation is initiated by the host university or for reasons beyond the student’s control.

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