Study Hub in Finland

Experience campus life and become part of a vibrant student community by completing your Pathway to Finland studies at our Study Hub in Helsinki, Finland.

Quick Facts

Studying With us

Our Pathway students will have access to modern study facilities and the  

library on campus in Helsinki, Finland. The Pathway program and the studies will be offered online, and the Study Hub students will study together with the other Pathway students. Students will be able to follow their classes together, use the library facilities   

In Helsinki, our tutors will be offering personal guidance to help you discover Finland! Our Pathway teachers will help you succeed in your studies, assisting you in securing a study place at a Finnish university!   


There are many benefits for completing your Pathway to Finland studies at our Study Hub. The key benefit is that you get a head start on getting to discover Finland, its culture and language, steps that will ease your settling down in the country. You can also start building your community in Finland your fellow Pathway students during your time in Helsinki and create lifelong friendships. Start your study abroad journey now! 


Please notice that we require a minimum of 10 participants to be able to implement the Study Hub. The second installement will be charged only if the Study Hub is confimed, meaning that student will in any case be enrolled as Pathway students. If charged, the second installment will be due Mid-November 2022 to allow enough time to apply for the Residence Permit.  

Student in the library reading a book, Finland


Edunation offers merit-based progression scholaships for the highest performing students at the Study Hub. The amount of a scholarship is 1500 EUR.

You will be eligible to apply for a scholarship if you:

  • are a student at Edunation Study Hub in Finland
  • have completed the Pathway to Finland program successfully
  • are a commencing bachelor’s student at one of Edunation’s pathway partner universities
  • have achieved a score of 90 % or higher
  • are self-funding

To qualify for a scholarship, you will be expected to maintain excellent attendance and complete all work during the course.

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