If you have a deep interest in games, studying Game Design and Development program is definitely something for you! Game design is a great place to find an outlet for the seemingly exclusive interests. A game designer is the core member of the team, a specialist for developing great game mechanics and captivating game-play.

When studying Game Design and Development program at EUAS, you will learn about software developmentcomputer graphics and business thinking. Acquiring those skills will give you an opportunity to become a successful game designer or set up your own company.

EUAS’ partners in providing game design studies are among Creative Mobile, Derivco Estonia, GameLab, IGDA Estonia and Level1.

Semester starts


Degree info

Diploma of Professional Higher Education
3 academic years / 180 ECTS
Language of instruction: English
Tuition fee: 5 120€ / academic year

Edunation application period

1.12.2020 – 30.5.2021

The Game Design and Development program is designed to provide skills for both mobile and PC games development as well as starting up your own game company.

The main emphasis is on game-play, game mechanics and monetization model design, even though the curriculum allows for specialization in game graphics or games software development.

Entrepreneurship module

    • Entrepreneurship module

Major field of study

    • Public speaking
    • Psychology of advertising
    • Organisational behavior
    • Commercial law and creative economy regulations
    • Communication psychology
    • Self-management in university
    • Academic writing
    • Research methods

Basic studies

    • Narrative
    • HTML 5
    • Computer graphics and animation
    • Photo editing (Photoshop)
    • User interface and user experience design (UI & UX design)
    • Vectorgraphic

Final paper and internship

    • Speciality teamwork practice
    • Portfolio
    • Final paper
    • Speciality practice

Game design and development specialization module

  • Basics of computer programming
  • Video game publishing and marketing
  • Game design, level design and documentation
  • Video game development and polishing workshop
  • Game Engines and Prototyping
  • Mobile game workshop
  • 3D game graphics
  • Introduction to game industry
  • Video game graphics analysis and technical specifications
  • 2D game graphics
  • General art composition and color studies
  • Object-oriented analysis, design and programming
  • Sound processing

As a graduate, there are many positions from which you can begin your career in the games industry.

Here’s some of the possible positions:

  • Character designer
  • Level designer
  • Game designer
  • Software developer for games
  • Concept artist
  • Videogame graphics artist


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