Your must-have preparation for studying abroad in Europe

Why EU Admission Counselling Program is the MUST-HAVE preparation for studying abroad

With many years of recruiting international students, we fully understand your concerns when deciding to start your dream of studying abroad. These include, but are not limited to: did I choose the right major for my career aspirations, how to save money in covering tuition fees and my living, am I good enough to get scholarships, will I fit and survive in a new environment, and will my efforts pay off a guaranteed job opportunity after graduation, or probably a better life, etc. If those are your concerns right now, we have a secret to share with you. That secret serves millions of successful international students. Those international students were like you. They started their journey with many concerns and fears when just having their first thought about studying abroad. Now by understanding this secret, they enjoy their self-confidence and successfully design their dream lives abroad. They have everything they wish for by studying abroad, and they become a source of inspiration for the next generations all over the world.

The secret is there is always an opportunity behind every fear. And, we are here to give your confidence in conquering every opportunity in your study abroad journey.

We are doing it by offering you the admission counselling package. You can consider the package as the must-have preparation as it solves all your confusions, fears, and worries at the very first stage of your journey to success.

What EU Admission Counselling Program includes

  1. In-depth consultation meetings with our expertise
  2. Personality test readings
  3. Admission strategy and profile planning plan
  4. School and program preferences are personalized to your own needs
  5. Meetings with the faculties from your desired schools
  6. Updates on the latest scholarships and admission
  7. 24-hour response

Your counsellor

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How to apply for EU Admission Counselling Program

The best time to apply for this Program is within the last two years at your secondary. For example, if Grade 12 is your final grade of secondary level, you are encouraged to apply for this program in the middle of Grade 11 at the soonest and early Grade 12 at the latest. That gives you sufficient time to experience as well as take full benefits of the program.

What do you need to apply:

  • Your passport
  • A CV (or you can simply fill in the application form below)
  • Your latest transcripts and/or any English language certificates
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Program fees

The program fees vary from 1,500 EUR – 2,500 EUR, depending on when you join the program compared with the goal of your studies abroad starts. The sooner is the cheaper.