Study in Finland: Equality For All!

When considering the next step in your education and career, choosing to study in Finland is your best option! Finland is known for providing one of the best educational systems in the world and being one of the happiest countries. Welcome to experience it by yourself!

Quick facts about Finland

Finnish Education System: The Best Reason to Study In Finland

Roughly 40 years ago, Finland implemented considerable changes in the education system. Since then, other countries have tried to copy the country’s method, and international students have moved to study in Finland, but the original is still the best.  

Finnish education emphasizes equality and explicitly mentions it in the national core curriculum. Finnish learning institutions specifically ensure that all students have equal opportunities in schools with the same quality to reach fairness.

Furthermore, there are no rankings among schools in the country. Students go to the school closest to their homes. When they get older, they study in Finland based on their interest and preferred city. 

Highlights of the Finnish Education System

To further understand the Finnish Education system, we divided them into educational and pedagogical, and cutting-edge technology:

Educational and pedagogical aspects:

  • It focuses explicitly on lifelong and personalized learning.
  • It intensely concentrates on inclusivity and provides the highest quality universal education.
  • Students in the country learn core knowledge of the primary discipline and the necessary life skills. 
  • Learners have the freedom to explore and experiment.   
  • Expect highly trained teachers when you study in Finland. They are experts in their topics and with the latest pedagogical methods.
  • The degree programs are flexible. You can certainly adapt your study plans; graduates are not copies of each other.
  • Universities of Applied Sciences explicitly offer the perfect combination of theory and practice. 
  • The focus is not on something other than grades when you study in Finland. Instead, the process of understanding is more important. 
  • In vital subjects, teamwork, critical thinking, social thinking, global awareness, and other 21st-century skills are part of the teachings. 
  • There is a low hierarchy in society and universities when you study in Finland.  Equality encourages students to engage actively with teachers. The community enjoys it, and education and services are accessible in the country.
  • When you study in Finland, universities offer career services. It includes career building and designing study paths to reach your professional goals. 

A step ahead in cutting-edge technology:

  • The Finnish government supports research and development activities in higher education. When you study in Finland, you can be part of essential projects to enhance your skills and knowledge. 
  • Anticipate innovative and conducive learning facilities when you study in Finland.
  • Engineers run today’s world and build tomorrow’s wonders. Thus, engineering majors will get promising careers and are highly in demand in the country.

Why study in Finland?

As of 2021, there has been a 141% increase in enrollment from international students. The numbers will continue to grow, and more will study in Finland as the nation never stops implementing changes to benefit its citizens and global learners. 

Below are some compelling reasons why you should study in Finland for your higher education learning: 

  1. Tuition fees are affordable compared to the US, Canada, and Australia. You can reimburse the cost after graduation thanks to the competitive salaries in force. 
  2. Once you study in Finland, you will enjoy high-quality and affordable student accommodation. Despite the changing seasons, temperatures are always comfortable indoors. 
  3. Enjoy a student-friendly price meal at school cafeterias.
  4. University students can access healthcare services, including mental and dental health.
  5. Each university has student organizations and unions that organize activities. The student union gives access to the student card, which provides numerous reductions and benefits for students.
  6. As students can affect their study plans and design their schedule, they can work part-time; the Finnish legislation also allows international students to work up to 30h/per week.

For a more detailed explanation of why choosing to study in Finland will be your best decision, read the Top Reasons to Study in Finland

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Finland Universities For International Students

All universities in the country competitively rank on various academic lists worldwide. Each learning institution offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to make you prepare when you study in Finland. 

With this, over 20,000 international learners from all over the world enroll at Finnish universities yearly. The number is rapidly growing as the country becomes a trusted hub for higher learning.

We have partnered with the best universities in the country, guaranteed to bring out the best in you! Visit our university page to learn more about what they offer and see if it matches your higher educational goal. 

What to study in Finland?

The country has two higher education institutions: Universities of applied sciences and research Universities.

Universities of Applied Sciences concentrate on practical education that responds explicitly to working life needs. On the other hand, research universities are based more on scientific education and research. 

Our Study Program page introduces educational courses that will help you succeed. Our partner universities provide bachelor’s and master’s programs in various academic fields.  

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Business and Management
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Healthcare and Sports
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Culture and Arts
  • Natural Resources

Master’s Degree

  • Business and Management
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Culture and Arts

Additionally, we offer vocational programs to assist your lifelong learning and development. Vocational programs can also give you essential skills and knowledge that promotes employment! 

Pathway Program: Guaranteed Placement To Study In Finland

If you plan to study in Finland, our Pathway to Finland is a preliminary training program that helps bridge the gap leading to higher education. 

In short, you study for one semester or two to level up your skills in English, communication, and core subjects and develop your abilities to learn higher education in the country. 

This program offers direct progression and acceptance to your selected university without any entrance examination.

We offer three different study tracks that prepare you before entering higher education in Finland:

  • Business
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Nursing and Social Services

Additionally, we offer flexibility on where you want to take the pathway course. You may choose to study online or take the pathway course in our study hub in Finland!  

To learn more about the Pathway to Finland and progress your study in Finland, please watch the video:

Do you need help choosing what degree program to pursue when you study in Finland? Let us assist you. Visit How to find the right program for me to help you decide. 

The tuition fee for international students ranges from 7,000 to 13,000 EUR yearly. Working part-time for 30 hours a week certainly helps with your living costs when you study in Finland. You can earn eight to 12 EUR per hour depending on the industry. 

Additionally, scholarships may be granted to you if you pass the criteria of a university. To learn more about this privilege, visit our scholarships page

Let us help you study in Finland and be the best version of yourself academically. Click the Apply Now button to start your higher education journey in the happiest country in the world!

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The average living cost in the country is generally between 600 to 900 EUR monthly. The amount also depends on which area you choose if you study in Finland. 

Additionally, to prepare for various expenses in the country, read the living costs in Finland for international students

Yes! The updated law for international students allows you to work 30 hours a week. Depending on your chosen industry, you may earn eight to 12 EUR per hour. 

Yes! All global learners who come to study in Finland have fun and engaging experiences! 

You can get inspiration from our Student Stories section. It features interviews and positive comments from some of our global learners worldwide.

No, but it is more affordable than higher education in Australia and Canada. However, if you pass the requirements of a Finnish university, you can get a scholarship. Read our Scholarship page for more information.

Getting a permanent residency is easy. One of the essential requirements is living in the country for four years with a continuous residence permit. 

To know more about permanent residency in Finland, read How to apply as a student and get permanent residence after graduation