Applying to a pathway program or to a Finnish university is quick and easy with Edunation. We are ready to assist you with your application process and your documents submission.

Carefully read the instructions down below and Edunation team will be guiding you anytime you need at admissions@edunation.co

Application General Guide

Following this guide will ensure you a successful application to our partner universities in Finland:

  1. Choose a university and a degree program you would like to study
  2. Learn about admission criteria and required documents for bachelor’s degree or master’s degree programs
  3. Prepare and scan all the necessary documents before applying
  4. Apply through the application form on our Apply page
  5. Attach the required documents
  6. Pay the service fee of 50, 100 or 200€, depending on the number and type of applications you want to submit
  7. Click on the “Submit” button
  8. Check your email to receive feedback and guidance for the next steps.

Required documents

Admission criteria and required documents depend on the university and/or the degree you are applying for. Thus, please check each university page individually to get more specific information about the required documents.

The following documents are always required to your application:

  • High school diploma (for bachelor’s studies) or bachelor’s degree certificate (for master’s studies)
  • Transcript of Records, with grading scale in English if the scale is not indicated in the transcript.
  • Copy of your passport ID page
  • For the pathway program: Proof of English proficiency 

All documents submitted must be in English, Finnish or Swedish and notarized.

Please check for additional documents on the specific university page that you are applying to.

Processing time

The application is processed within 1 or 2 working days. If some documents are missing, we inform you to submit the missing certificates as soon as possible. After that, the application is processed.

If you fulfill the admission requirements, you will receive an acceptance from the university within a couple of weeks from submitting your application. Only then you can start your visa or residence permit application process. You will also be notified by email if you do not get accepted.


General timetable (Not applicable for pathway)

Day 1

Applicant submits the application form to Edunation

Day 2

Edunation team checks the documents:

  • If everything is in place, Edunation will send your application to the university
  • If some documents are missing, Edunation team informs the applicant and requests to submit the missing papers as soon as possible.
Day 3 – Day 20

Depending on the program that you have applied to, the university can inform you about:

  • Invitation to the entrance exam or online interview
  • Acceptance to the program
  • Rejection to the program
Day 20 – Day 34

If you are accepted, accept the study place and pay the tuition fee according to the university’s instructions. You can already start to prepare for the student residence permit application.

From Day 34

Apply for the student residence permit at VFS centre or to the nearest Finnish embassy.

Do you have any questions?

Check our FAQ page, where we answer the most common questions about application processing and admissions through Edunation.

You can always contact us at contact@edunation.co or our phone number +358 50 354 8603. You will reach us best from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 4 pm Finland time (UTC +2)