Allow us to assist you in achieving your educational goals in Finland. We have summarized the necessary steps, from applying for a resident permit and bringing your family members up to applying for a resident permit to the happiest country in the world!

We will also introduce our newest service – Arriving Finland! Now, you can enjoy seamless assistance from post-school acceptance to post-arrival in the country, which starts at 300 EUR.

Why Must You Choose to Study in Finland

Finland is the best place for you to reach your higher education goals. It provides more benefits than studying in Australia or Canada.

When applying to study in Finland, consider the following exciting highlights:

  • The country has one of the world’s best educational system
  • Finnish universities produce the best global students in the world
  • Offers affordable education
  • You can work part-time and earn eight to 12 EUR per hour, depending on the industry
  • Finland has modern cities with the perfect balance of nature

There are more reasons to study in Finland, and you deserve to experience them all!

Pathway to Finland

Edunation’s Pathway to Finland is a preparatory program designed to help you with undergraduate studies in the happiest country in the world! It efficiently enables you to prepare and reach the skills needed for university admission.

We provide three study paths designed to give you the best total preparation before your higher education goals:

  • Business
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Nursing and Social Services
  • Copy of the final/official higher secondary school certificate or vocational qualification which gives eligibility for higher education studies in your country
  • Your transcript of record and a minimum of 50% GPA are required when applying to Edunation programs.
  • Proof of English proficiency. Visit our English language requirements page for acceptable certificates and English-speaking countries that are not required to submit.
  • A clear copy of your valid passport ID page
  1. Select your study track and your desired progression university program.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the admission criteria and required documents.
  3. Prepare and scan all the necessary documents.
  4. Complete the application form and attach supporting documents. The application forms can be found on our Apply now
  5. Pay the service fee of 50 EUR and submit the application form.

Our Universities and Colleges page provides all the information regarding the best Finnish universities in the country. We suggest thoroughly reading all the details before proceeding with your application.

Once you have chosen a Finnish university and education program, the application form for studying in Finland is easy to complete. Simply enter your information, select your intake, the university you prefer, and the educational course you will take.

Provide basic details, such as your name, native language, passport number, and date of birth. You will also need to include your email address, phone number, and home address.

Next, if you applied through our partner agencies, type their name and email address. If not, simply click No, and proceed with the other questions.

Upload the necessary documents for every program, such as your high school or higher education diploma, transcript of records, proof of English proficiency, and a clear copy of your passport.

Finally, pay the Pathway Programs service fee of 50 EUR immediately. The amount may increase depending on your preferred study method and program duration. You may settle the service fee through bank transfer, Paypal, and credit card.

EN Finnish is the best language course for working and studying in Finland. We provide current teaching techniques, flexible and interactive classes, instructors with extensive training, and programs that suit your needs.

We have fun and creative activities to make learning Finnish enjoyable and simple. Our highly trained Finnish language teachers will lead lively discussions that students of all ages will enjoy.

You will also participate in interactive activities that will help you improve your communication skills and encourage you to learn from your classmates.

The words you will learn in the courses will consider your studying and working needs in Finland, making it easier for you to communicate with the Finns. You will also learn industry-specific terminology based on the industry you choose.

To apply, click here.

After receiving your letter of acceptance from a university in Finland, you need to get a residence permit for studies.

Students entering Finland for the first time must apply through the online portal

Required Documents for the First Resident Permit

  1. A valid passport with at least one-year validity.
  2. Notification of student selection result or acceptance letter from a Finnish university.
  3. Receipt of payment of tuition fee issued by the bank.
  4. Clarification of income that shows you can support yourself in Finland. You must have 560 Euros every month to pay for food, housing, and other personal needs.
    • Show in your application that you have 6,720 Euros in your bank account. If your studies are less than a year, show proof that you have 560 Euros per month.
    • Also, include other needed documents explaining the source of funds, such as employment contracts, bank account statements, employment contracts, sponsor letters, etc.
    • If your country’s currency isn’t the Euro, you can ask the bank to convert it into Euros.
    • If you took out a loan to pay for school, attach a letter from the bank that shows the amount and terms of the loan.
    • If you have a scholarship, you must show a certificate from the organization, government, or school that gave you the grant. The certificate must show the recipient how much it is worth and how long it will last.
  1. Health insurance certificate
  2. Two passport-size photos (36x47mm)
  3. 350 Euros processing fee

After filling out all the fields and providing the requirements, pay the processing fee and submit your application at the EnterFinland portal.

  • Credit and debit card (Mastercard, Visa Credit or Debit, American Express, Diners Club).
  • Pay either online or at the Finland embassy in your country.
  1. Set up your account atfi. After filling out the required fields, select your service point and submit your application. Don’t forget to pass all the necessary documents.
  1. Schedule an appointment with VFS Global or your country’s Finland embassy as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance from the Finnish university.
  1. Go to the embassy or the VFS global center on your schedule with your original documents and photocopies. You will have a short interview. They might ask questions such as who sponsors your studies, where your university is in Finland, and more.

Visit our Embassy Interview blog to prepare for the questions they usually ask.

  1. Regularly check your email for updates regarding your application. If they ask for an additional requirement for your residence permit provide it immediately.
  1. You will receive an update once your student residence permit is good to release.
  1. Your student residence permit card generally takes two weeks to reach the Embassy of Finland in your country or at the VFS center. After getting your student residence permit, you may depart to pursue higher learning in the happiest country in the world.

Once you have a Finland student visa, you can bring family members to the country. They must have sufficient means of financial support to acquire a residence permit.

Your family members can apply for a residence permit based on family ties.

If you’re married, your spouse can apply for a residence permit based on family reunification. They must submit proof of funds amounting to 700 Euros per month or 8,400 Euros per year.

For a child, attach proof that you have an additional 500 Euros per month or 6,000 Euros per year in the application. The proof of financial capacity can be from employment, savings, business, etc.

The majority of international students in the country work part-time. Aside from helping them with the living costs, it is a perfect way to understand the Finnish work culture and meet new friends.

The possible places to work for international learners include bars, cafes, cleaning companies, food couriers, nightclubs, restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses.

To apply for a part-time job in the country, click here.

After living in Finland for four years with a continuous residence permit and the requirement for the said permit exists, you may apply for a permanent residence permit.

The new rule for international students also makes them eligible for a type-A continuous residence permit. This privilege grants quicker permanency as your study duration is within the four-year requirement of living in Finland. It is now more convenient for you to apply as a permanent resident.

Requirements for permanent residency

  • You have lived in Finland for four years with a student residence permit.
  • The requirements for granting a continuous residence permit still exist.
  • You are free from any serious crimes.

Permanent residence permit application process

  1. Fill in the application form on the Enter Finland website.
  1. Attach the necessary documents such as a valid passport, passport photo, color copies of all passport pages with personal data or notes, and clarification of income.
  1. Submit your application. You may optionally pay the service fee at the Finnish Immigration Service.
  1. Schedule an appointment with the Finnish Immigration Service. Additionally, you may also pick which service point for the appointment.
  1. Go to your preferred service point to prove your identity, and present the original copies of the documents you attached to the application. Also, you need to go through biometrics during your visit.
  1. Generally, it takes one to two months to process an online application. Wait for the Finnish Immigration Service to contact you.
  1. You will receive a text message or an email regarding the decision. The outcome will also be in your Enter Finland account.

Arrival Finland offers international students a broader range of services from post-school acceptance to post-arrival. We offer the following packages that will make your arrival to Finland hassle-free:


  • Application with Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application


  • Application with Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application
  • Accommodation in Finland
  • Pick-up and post-arrival services upon arrival to Finland


  • Application with Edunation
  • Assistance with Residence Permit application
  • Accommodation in Finland
  • Pick-up and post-arrival services upon arrival to Finland

To purchase our Finland Arrival packages, click here.

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