The majority of degree and exchange students in the Helsinki capital region are able to secure their accommodation through the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS).

HOAS is an independent, non-profit organisation which provides housing for approximately 17 000 students in the capital region. Student housing is located close to university campuses. The rents are affordable compared to other housing options around Helsinki area.

Shared apartment is the the cheapest type of accommodation (300-500 EUR/month). It is also most popular among international and exchange students. In a shared apartment you have your own bedroom with a lockable door, but you share the living room, kitchen and bathroom with another student(s). If you have a friend who is also looking for student housing in the Helsinki area, you can request him/her as your roommate when you fill out the housing application form.

Shared apartments are also easiest to get, as there are more of them available than studio apartments. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to apply for a shared apartment for the beginning of your studies.

Studio apartment is the most popular and expensive option. The queue to a studio apartment can be over a year – therefore it is not the easiest option for arriving international students. If you first get an offer for a shared apartment, you should accept it! After that you can make a new housing application for a studio apartment and wait for a new offer, while living in the shared accommodation.

Family apartment is, like the name suggest, an apartment meant for students with a spouse and/or children. These apartments usually have 2-3 rooms and are meant for families, not roommates. You can only apply for a family apartment if you have a spouse or at least one child.

Note! All HOAS apartments are unfurnished.

Example of HOAS apartment in Vantaa area
Source: HOAS website
  • Go to the application form on HOAS website
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Choose the type of accommodation you are looking for (we recommend shared apartment)
  • Send the application

Note! You need to have the certificate of your secured study place when you apply for student housing.

You can accept the offer even if you are not in Finland yet. Remember to pay the deposit by the deadline to secure the apartment. If your residence permit decision is negative, the deposit will be refunded.

If you are offered an apartment, but cannot accept it, refuse the offer by the deadline or your application will be removed. When you refuse an offer, your application will go to the bottom of the queue, so don’t refuse the offer without a good reason. If you refuse the offer because your residence permit is taking longer than expected, explain that to HOAS when refusing the offer.

The rent includes water, internet and electricity. Additional free services at many of the properties are laundry room, common tenant facilities, sauna and storage spaces.