Porin Vuokralukaali is a private company which provides rental apartments in Pori and nearby regions. This housing option is very suitable for first year students coming to Finland and is recommended by the university.

There are different types of apartments available through Porin Vuokralukaali:

  • studio/one bedroom
  • two bedroom
  • bigger apartments

The cheapest type of accommodation is studio, where you have your own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. However, if you have someone with whom you would be able to rent a two-bedroom or a bigger apartment, this might be even cheaper.

Example of Vuokra-lukaali apartment
Source: Vuokra-lukaali website
Example of Vuokra-lukaali apartment
Source: Vuokra-lukaali website
  • Go to the contact form on Porin Vuokralukaali website
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Fill in the “Message” field and ask for a suitable rental apartment in Pori. Add additional information if needed
  • Submit the application

Note! You need to have the certificate of your secured study place when you apply for student housing.

The rent in includes water, electricity, internet, laundry room, sauna slots and common tenant facilities in most offered apartment types.

All apartments, except special “Employee housing”, come unfurnished. If you need a furnished apartment, request for employee housing/furnished apartments.