Welcome to Finland!

You must be very excited about this new chapter in your life – university studies abroad definitely are a life-changing experience!

To make your first day in Finland as smooth as possible, Edunation would like to offer you a Finland Arrival Package.

When purchasing this package, you are guaranteed a personal pick-up service from the airport and a transportation to your accommodation in the Helsinki region. Since you will probably feel weary after your long journey, this package is convenient and saves you time, so that you will be at your accommodation in no time after landing in Finland!

Apply for the arrival package here!

Final Arrival Package


Pick-up from Helsinki airport after your flight has landed


Transportation to your accommodation (Transportation is covered within the Helsinki Metropolitan area - Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa)

Key Pick-up

Accommodation Key Pick-up if needed

SUrvival Kit

First day "survival kit", including a pre-paid Finnish sim card

Personal Service

Personal Service by a professional Edunation Team Member

Helsinki Airport

As you have applied to Finland by using Edunation’s services, we offer the Finland Arrival Package with an affordable price of 149.00 EUR. If you have not applied through Edunation but would still like to purchase the package, the price is 179.00 EUR. The payment can be done with a PayPal account or international bank transfer. Please read the payment instructions and details below.

If you have any inquiries about the Finland Arrival Package, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at admissions@edunation.co

The payment of the service can be done by using a PayPal account or by making a bank transfer to Edunation’s bank account. Please note that the payment must arrive to Edunation’s PayPal or bank account in full (149.00 EUR / 179.00 EUR), The customer is responsible in covering any PayPal fees or banking fees related to the transaction.

Apply for the arrival package here!

We recommend you to purchase our service 7 working days before your arrival so that we can organize everything on time.  

The Finland Arrival Package is a service provided by Edunation Ltd which is a private company separate from any university or university of applied sciences. Edunation acts as a partner of Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, by providing services to applicants and students who are coming or are planning to come to study in Finland.

Applicant or student who chooses to purchase this service from Edunation is called a ‘customer’. The customer can purchase the service by making the service payment in full according to the Payment Instructions above. By purchasing the service, the customer agrees to these Terms of Service.

Edunation has the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms and contents of this service. However, if a customer has made the full payment of the service package, Edunation is obliged to offer the service as promised. If Edunation is for any reason unable to provide the service for a customer who has already made the payment, Edunation will refund the payment to the customer in full (excluding any banking fees).

If the customer has made the full payment but then decides to cancel the service for any reason, Edunation has the right to withhold up to 50% of the payment to cover any administrative costs related to organizing / cancelling the service.

Please refer to our FAQ page about COVID-19 if you want to know how the epidemic affects Edunation’s applicants. Please also check all the useful information here about your arrival to Finland.