One of the most exciting things about studying abroad is the possibility of visiting new places and exploring new cities. While we highly recommend you to experience and enjoy both summer and winter in Finland, we understand that you might want to seize the opportunity and travel to other parts of Europe as well.

Although Finland is located in the North of Europe, it is one of the most well-connected countries in the world. From the main airport in Finland, Helsinki Airport, you can travel to over 130 destinations in Europe, Asia or North America in just a few short hours.

However, traveling in Finland is great too and should not be forgotten! Every year our clean nature attracts more people who want to enjoy the beautiful archipelago, thousand lakes, Midnight Sun, snow and Northern lights.

To give you a preview of what life is like in Finland, watch the video in the end!

Below you will find more information about how to get to Finland, how to travel around in Finland and what cities we recommend you to visit once you’re here.