Vaasa is a energy capital with an energy technology hub which is actually the most significant in the Nordic countries.

Energetic seaside city

The youthful energy capital Vaasa is popular amongst university students. Every fourth oncoming person is a student. Because of this Vaasa is one of the biggest students cities in Finland in terms of population.

The cityscape of Vaasa is characterized by the layering of building style and the variability of the cityscape. This style reflects the stages of the city’s history. Vaasa is located on the Ostrobothnian coast and you can reach the seafront from the center of Vaasa in just few minutes.


Vaasa is popular amongst international students. Nearly 100 different languages are spoken and there are residents from over 120 different countries. The five most common languages, besides the official languages in Finland, are Russian, Estonian, Arabic, English and Somali.

The city’s international work includes networking and partnership cooperation, twinning cooperation, EU-funded development, the promotion of foreign investment and the internationalisation of small and medium-sized businesses through various projects.

A great student city

Vaasa features six higher education institutions, and a significant fraction of the residents are students and young adults. There are over 13 000 university students located in the city and hundreds of international students arrive to study diverse study programs each year. This is recognized by the city, and besides the cheap and plentiful student meals sold on campuses, also many restaurants and cafés have student prices.

Reasons to choose Vaasa

  • Northern energy capital with growing job opportunities.
  • Perfect combination of city life and nature.
  • International student city with countless activities.

Population: 67 000

Founded: 1606

Languages: 69.8% Finnish speakers,  24.8% Swedish speakers

Foreign nationals: 9.3%

Total area: 183 km2

Warmest month: July, +20.3C°

Coldest month: January, -4.6C°

Currency: Euro ()

The climate is a mixture of maritime and continental. The summers are bright, with the sun shining more than 19 hours a day, and the temperature hovering on both sides of 20C°. The autumn is beautiful and busy, with the trees turning red and yellow during the harvest time. The winters are dark, but Vaasa gets covered in a blanket of snow that reflect all the light. The temperature drops below zero. In the spring, the ice covering the sea breaks, and you can clearly tell how the days get longer and brighter each day.

The basis of Finnish food are fresh local ingredients. Vaasa has many amazing restaurants and cafes where you can experience how locally produced ingredients is turned into delicious meals and baked goods.

Places to visit

  • Sweet Vaasa
    Sweet Vaasa is best known for their creative and delicious cakes but also offer tasty lunch salads made of fresh ingredients and delicious coffees.
  • Hejm
    Besides a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, HEJM creates food made with love and based on traditional methods, with a modern touch.
  • Aroma Bageri & Konditori
    Local bakery specializing in artisan breads, baked goods and pastries. They bake by hand and in small batches.
  • Urban Pasta
    Urban Pasta is a popular restaurant where you can get fresh homemade pasta. Their focus is in seasonal products creating good tasty food.
  • Fiskdisken
    Fiskdisken is a food and deli store opened in July 2019. They focus on high quality fish and local produce as well as skilled and friendly service.
  • Raawka
    Raawka is a modern and unique cafe in the heart of Vaasa that focuses on vegan and vegetarian food made from high quality ingredients.

Night life in Vaasa

The night life has lots to offer. You can enjoy a chill evening in a cozy bar or pub, or head out to the clubs. Because Vaasa is a student city you can always find fun activities and events.

Getting around in Vaasa is easy with the help of public transportation. Because Vaasa is compact and all the services are close by you many people also commute by walking or biking in the city. As in everywhere in Finland, the public transportation is safe and in schedule.

Traveling to other cities is easy with the train or by bus. The Vaasa Airport has also excellent connections to everywhere in Europe and all the major cities in Asia. Vaasa Airport is maintained and developed by Finavia. It can easily be accessed with a cab or bus. At the Nordic level, Vaasa Airport has the highest number of direct flights to Asia.

The local transport in the Vaasa region is being reformed. Lifti will will start operating in August 2022. The reform aims at smoother travel, shorter travel times and more frequent breaks, especially during peak hours.

In Finland, the meals for students are state supported, and thus healthy, nutritious, and very affordable.

Here you can find a list of the student restaurants catering in Vaasa: 

More information about student meals and meal subsidies can be found from

In Finland, the health care of students is organised by Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS, in Finnish: Ylioppilaiden terveydenhoitosäätiö, YTHS).  The FSHS services are available for all students studying on Bachelor’s or Master’s level at universities and have paid their student union membership fee to a student union that is affiliated with the FSHS. Those studying for a Licentiate of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine degree are also entitled to use the FSHS’s services. The health services are not available for Doctoral students, so if you are admitted to Doctoral level studies, please contact your university for advice and options on local health care.

If you are studying at a university of applied sciences (UAS), the health care services are usually provided through municipal health care providers. You can find more information on your health care arrangements from your UAS directly.

Please note that even when your student status makes you eligible to access the student health care services, this does not replace the need for a valid insurance.

You can find more information from FSHS website:

Or directly from your own UAS or university.

Kvarken Archipelago

The unique Kvarken Archipelago is Finland’s only Natural World Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. By visiting this landmark you can experience and understand the land uplift phenomenon caused by the last Ice Age.

The Ostrobothnian Museum

The museum is a place for learning, experiences and preserving identity. The museum was established in 1895 and it functions as the historical museum of the City of Vaasa and as a museum of natural science for Ostrobothnia. The museum focuses mainly on cultural history, art and natural science.

Kyrö Distillery 

Kyrö Distillery Company produces finest single malt rye whisky and rye gin in an old dairy in Isokyrö, Finland. They have won the Best Gin for Gin & Tonic category in the International Wine and Spirit competition. You can join a distillery tour, enjoy a tasting and try the unique cocktails made out of our rye products.

Vaasa Market Hall

Vaasa Market Hall offers you the perfect traditional shopping experience. We combine traditions with modern service and interesting new offers.


Stundards is a museum and lively cultural centre. There are 70 buildings in the museum area, including a farm shop, a school, a peasant house and craftsmen’s rooms. You will find art workshops, a printing house, a shop, a café and a bespoke restaurant in the area. They also organize art exhibitions and cultural events.

Wasa Graffitilandia

Wasa Graffitilandia is a an exhibition focused on street art in Vaasa, built on the premises of a former amusement park. It is organized by Katukulttuuri Ry which is an Vaasa based organisation founded in 2013, which arranges and supports different street culture events.

And more!

See Visit Vaasa for many other amazing things to experience!


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