Continuous Education in Social and Health Care

For those interested in studying in Finland: students can also participate in short-term continuous education program to gain practical skills and knowledge in their desired field. This specific three-month training program for caregiving provides hands-on experience in the industry and prepares individuals for a successful career in Finland. It is important to note that this training does not lead to a degree but still offers valuable skills and knowledge for those looking to pursue a career in caregiving.

  1. Application time

Apply in our fast and easy application process with minimal requirements!

  1. Language course

Study Finnish and learn more about Finland through our comprehensive language course before arrival.

  1. Training course

Deepen your Finnish language skills in practice and learn more about the Finnish working culture and essential skills.

  1. Start your career in Finland!

After completing the course, you can continue in an apprenticeship program to earn your nationally recognized caregiving and practical nursing qualifications. An apprenticeship is full-time paid work and includes some school days to gain more valuable knowledge.

  • Finnish language online course

It is a three-month online Finnish language training course to achieve level A2.1. After finishing the course, you will be familiar with speaking and understanding everyday chores in Finnish.

  • Theoretical training

Training continues as contact studies in our selected institutions in Finland. The training includes orientation to Finnish culture, theoretical studies, and career guidance.

  • Kickstart your career!

Start an apprenticeship after completing the training! An apprenticeship is paid work and includes a few school days a month. You can earn your vocational qualifications in caregiving and practical nursing while working.

Quick Application Process!

There is no examination; you must fill out the form and have an interview to prove your motivation.


No need for significant savings! The program fee is affordable and it enables you to join working life soon after successfully completed the program.

Land a job in no time!

The return on investment is fast and truly rewarding!

You can continue with your apprenticeship!

Earn vocational qualifications in practical nursing in apprenticeship training.

Program Fee: 4,500 EUR

Application Fee: 100 EUR

The program includes the following:

  • Finnish language online course
  • Theoretical Studies in Practical Nursing
  • Career Guidance
  • Study materials
  • Vocational qualification/ associate degree in Nursing/ Social and Healthcare awarded by a recognized caregiving education institute in your home country. It can either be a Diploma in General Nursing, Advance Diploma in General Nursing, Nursing Council Registration, or another caregiving degree by a recognized institution.
  • Employment certificates or CV
  • Passport ID page or official ID indicating nationality
  • Admission interview by Edunation
  • Proof that the applicant is free from criminal records
  • Must be able to study in both English and Finnish
  1. Gather the required documents.
  2. Fill out the online application form.
  3. Submit your application.
  1. We will prescreen applicants.
  2. The qualified students will go through admission interviews as soon as possible, within one week.
  3. Students who pass the interview will receive an acceptance letter and program fee invoice.
  4. After paying the program fee, we will send instructions on the permit application process, finding accommodation, etc.

Continuous education in social and health care is a top-rated program; thus, we strongly recommend applying as soon as possible to secure a slot!



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