Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Finland are affordable compared to the fees in many other countries. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world, yet the average tuition fee is only around 6 000 to 12 000 EUR per academic year. Most universities also offer scholarships. You can find the exact tuition fee on our university page.

University in Finland

Tuition fee/Year

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences6000 €
Seinäjöki University of Applied Sciences7000 €
Arcada University of Applied Sciences8500 €/10 000€/11 000€
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences9500 €/10 500€
LUT University9500 €/10 000€
Häme University of Applied Sciences9700 €
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences10 000 €/11 000€/12 000€
Turku University of Applied Sciences10 500 €/11 500€
Hanken School of Economics12 500 €

University in Europe

Tuition fee/Year

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences5120 €/5360 €
University of Limerick10 000€ to 16 000€


A scholarship is an award of financial aid given to a student for the purpose of furthering the student’s education. Scholarships are usually awarded based on criteria’s such as academic performance, diversity, field of study, country of origin or any other purposes deemed necessary by the donor or founder of the award.

If you know good scholarship programs, feel free to suggest it to us!