The bachelor program in Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy will prepare you to be an engineer with the knowledge, skills and understanding of the sustainable development. You will gain competences to combine digitization and data technology with biomass flows management of land, forest, and waters.

During your studies, you will learn valuable teamwork skills to renew communication between bioproduction, processing, business, markets, and consumers. Principles of the circular economy and sparing use of natural resources are integral principles of the study program.

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Degree info

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • 4 academic years / 240 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: 9 700€ / academic year

Application Period

Bioeconomy engineering program will teach you information technology competences to develop tailored data, technology-based solutions for the use of bioeconomy production and processing.

The program will familiarize you with knowledge of computer programming and software development, web-solutions, IoT, M2M, virtual and added reality, internet of services, industrial internet solutions, modeling and model simulations, 3-D printing, data-analytics and data networks.

Your knowledge of data and technology will be used in new and innovative ways to create changes in an industrial praxis and the socio-economic framework of bioeconomy.

Your degree will comprise of the study modules like:

  • Working in Bioeconomy
  • Circular Bioeconomy
  • Iot platforms
  • Smart sensors
  • Cloud services
  • Smart Bioeconomy
  • Mobile Applications
  • GIS and smart logistics
  • Data analytics
  • 3D-modeling and printing

After graduation, you will be an engineer specialized in producing smart information and data-based solutions for the management of bioeconomy, the production and processing industry and supply chains.

You are able to work with businesses and enterprises, engineering agencies, government, the public sector and non-governmental organisations.

Your specific positions can be in projects, design, development, training, sales, consultancy, management, entrepreneurship and as specialist.

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