You gather plant and animal production skills on the modern campus educational and research farm and work placements. You learn profitable rural entrepreneurship in cooperation with nature.


You analyse, develop and manage effective, safe and sustainable food production in changing climate.


You work with current uses and developments of diverse technologies and technological applications in agriculture. You collect data and use digital tools for finding solutions to rural issues and commissions.

Semester starts


Degree info

  • Bachelor of Natural Resources
  • 4 academic years / 240 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: 9 700€ / academic year

Application Period

The curriculum will include these modules:

  • Agricultural expertise in global context
  • Animal production
  • Crop production
  • Agricultural and rural system studies
  • Practical training in rural work placement
  • Analyzing agricultural data
  • Planning rural development


  • Diversity in agricultural environment
  • Practical training in rural expert placement
  • Organic production and food system
  • Business and expert services in the field of agriculture
  • Sustainable crop production
  • Sustainable animal production
  • Sustainable farm technology choices


You’ll be able to apply your knowledge to solving global key issues of food production as farm manager, in developing rural processes or advisory role.

You’ll be an effective entrepreneur or team worker in varied rural projects.


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