The contemporary world is growing ever more environmentally conscious and technology advances with huge leaps every day. Degree program in Smart and Sustainable Design combines both traditional and modern design techniques, and empathizes on the importance of green values and the challenges of circular economy.

In the design education you can choose your major subject in fashion, footwear or glass and ceramics design. The studies include an active collaboration with businesses and a commercial focus in design. You study in design studio environments, where you learn how to apply theory in practice – through doing and making. Students have the opportunity to cooperate with companies in their field in various kinds of projects. After completing your studies you will master all the steps from product design to manufacturing.

Semester starts

August/September 2024

Degree info

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts
  • 4 academic years / 240 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: 9 700€ / academic year
  • Campus: Hämeenlinna

Edunation application period

• 25.10.2023 - TBA

Degree program in Smart and Sustainable Design focuses on the importance of sustainable values and the challenges of circular economy.

You will learn how to use and combine both traditional and modern techniques with design thinking and a strong creative and material-based mindset. Studying in a studio environment with modern facilities, you will earn a deep understanding of the product and production.

Smart and Sustainable Design program allows you to choose your major subject in clothing, footwear or glass and ceramics design.

In the first and the second year of studies:

  • you gain an understanding of the work process for designing and manufacturing products / services
  • you learn design skills
  • you understand sustainable and smart design
  • you deepen your understanding of the industrial operating environment of product design and manufacturing
  • you apply the lessons learned in practice by carrying out your first work placement

Later in your studies:

  • you apply your professional competence to multidisciplinary projects
  • you use design methods to obtain user information
  • you practice the principles of shared expertise and teamwork in various kinds of projects
  • you refine your professional activities as well as your ability to apply a systematic and research-orientated approach to your work.
  • you apply smart and sustainable design

Studies also include a work placement and a bachelor’s thesis.

Smart and Sustainable Design education provides the ability to work as a designer in companies in different fields and in public organizations, or act as an independent entrepreneur.

There is demand for the service and user experience design, where social media competence, marketing expertise and visualization expertise are combined with designer competence.

People with design education are increasingly setting up their own businesses and working in a diverse range of creative industries. Professional titles include: designer, entrepreneur, product assistant, product designer, product manager, buyer, project seller and project manager.

The admission requirements for the program can be found on the university page.

Further information about the tuition fee and available scholarships for the program can be found on the university page.

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