Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is a gaming and tourism-oriented university established in 1992 in Kajaani.

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Many international students have chosen KAMK as their perfect option to study international business and tourism in Finland. For many years, KAMK has been at the forefront of game and simulator education and application development in Finland and Europe. The latest virtual reality hardware and software are all available on the KAMK campus.

Now, with four international degrees in English at affordable tuition fees and great scholarships, students have the opportunity to experience the Finnish education system in the heart of Finland, Kajaani.

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Semester starts

August/September 2024

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Application period

• Joint Application: 27.12.2023 – 12.01.2024

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Tuition fee

7 000 € / year

KAMK library

The school prides itself on its internationality, which it utilizes in developing the region. KAMK is considered the most proactive university of applied sciences in Finland. It has friendship universities and other partner institutions in more than 40 countries worldwide.


Ketunpolku 3,
87100 Kajaani


Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

KAMK has passed the Quality Audit by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, FINEEC. In 2011, it was the best university of applied sciences according to the yearly survey by Talouselämä magazine, and based on student feedback they have been in TOP 3 several years in a row in the quality of the teaching and student counseling. Moreover, the Ministry of Education and Culture closely oversees the quality of teaching in all higher education institutions in Finland, including Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

The KAMK campus area is a melting pot of different countries and cultures. To make things easy for you, all the student services are located comfortably close to each other.

Campus facilities include modern technologies, like data center and game design labs3D printersrobotics and smart gym where digitalized environment and games are utilized to boost the training.

A wide range of sports services are offered for students. Two sports halls, two gyms and a climbing wall on campus are in students use for instructed group sessions, ball games and individual training and exercising.

Besides course books and printed materials, campus library provides extensive electronic resources.

The campus guarantees that you will enjoy the comfort and ease of on-hand services while being temptingly close to the magic of the taiga and Kajaani’s fantastic outdoor sports and leisure areas.

All the international students are warmly welcomed to KAMK. New students can soon notice that they care for all of their students. They arrange a reception for their new international students on their arrival to Kajaani. The tutoring students will meet you on arrival and make sure that you will find your way to the accommodation safely. The studies begin with a 4-day orientation program and team-building activities to make the beginning of studies as smooth as possible.

Friend Family Program

KAMK runs a Friend Family Program, which offers our international students the chance to get to know Finnish culture and language better by pairing participating students with families from the Kainuu area. The Friend Family Program not only allows students to experience everyday Finnish life but also helps them adapt to their new surroundings by connecting them with a welcoming Finnish family. Foreign students can apply for a friend’s family after starting their studies.

Tutoring Students and Student Union KAMO

KAMO is the Student Union of KAMK. It is a non-profit-making association, which looks after the interests of KAMK students. KAMO also organizes numerous events during the academic year, including outdoor recreation days, social gatherings, and parties. KAMO organizes tutoring activities at KAMK. Tutoring students help new students to get their studies started and to cope with everyday life in Kajaani.


Student accommodation is available in modern and neat apartments on campus. Each student is provided with a private furnished room in a shared apartment. According to the students’ preferences, also unfurnished student accommodation is available within a walking distance from campus, or if willing, students can rent an apartment privately. The rent for the student accommodation on campus is 310€ per month. The rent includes water and electricity. The internet connection is paid separately.


Kajaani University of Applied Sciences currently offers 4 bachelor’s degree programs fully in English.

Admission criteria

The application process is fast and simple. The students are pre-screened on a first-come, first-served basis which means that if you meet the eligibility requirements, Edunation forwards your application to the university that makes the final admission decision. You can expect the decision within 1-2 months.

  • Guaranteed admission

    Our Pathway to Finland program offers guaranteed access to the following programs at KAMK:

    • Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in eSports Business
    • Bachelor of Sports Studies in Sports and Leisure Management
    • Bachelor of Hospitality Management in Tourism

    Admission requirements:

    Students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Admission requirements

    Make sure you have all the following documents ready when you fill out the application form.

    Educational background

    Applicants who have completed a qualification outside Finland must submit the following documents to Edunation:

    • Copy of the final/official higher secondary school certificate or vocational qualification in English that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the awarding country. Alternatively, you can also submit a copy of the bachelor’s degree certificate.
    • Transcript of records in English

    Note: All documents need to be translated to either Finnish, Swedish or English, if the original document is in none of those languages. The translations need to be signed and stamped by an authorized translator.

    Proof of nationality

    • Copy of passport ID page OR Official ID card indicating the nationality

    Note: You will need a valid passport when you apply for a visa or residence permit.

  • Admission process

    Entrance exam and interview

    The students will be selected based on International UAS Online entrance examination.

    The entrance exams are organized in February-March 2022 online and in two phases.
    First part: Written part
    Second part: Oral part

    Those who pass the written part (1) will be invited to the oral part (2). The applicant must pass both two parts of the exam and score minimum points of total points in order to be selected for the admission.

    More information about the entrance exams will be published during fall.

    Additional documents

    For the degree program in Sports and Leisure Management, you will be asked to submit an additional video that includes a sports test.  Further information about the video will be sent to the applicants directly together with the exam invitation.

  • Application instructions

    Read our general page about how to apply to study in Finland.

Tuition Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fees

Studies starting in 2024

  • 7 000 € per academic year

Studies starting in 2023 or earlier

  • 6 000 € per academic year

All Finnish higher education institutions charge tuition fees for degrees taught in English. The tuition fees apply to applicants from countries outside the EU/EEA.


Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships (First Year)

Early Bird Scholarship are available to joint application applicants who accept the study place and pay tuition fees within 14 days of admission.

  • For Students Starting Before December 31, 2023: Covers 50% of the tuition fee.
  • For Students Starting After January 1, 2024: Covers €2,000 of the full tuition fee.

Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships (After First Year)

1.) Good progress in Studies Scholarship:

  • Eligibility and Allocation: Tuition-fee paying students eligible. Scholarships allocated through application. Available for the standard 3.5-year study period in Bachelor’s degrees.
  • Scholarship Details: Apply for a €3,000 scholarship from the second year onward. Requirement: Achieve a minimum of 55 credits per academic year at the Bachelor’s level. Studies impacting the next year’s scholarship must be completed within the previous academic year (between 1.8. – 31.7.). Accredited credits from prior education not considered.

2.) Finnish Language Proficiency Scholarship:

  • Eligibility and Criteria: Bachelor’s Degree students can apply based on a Finnish language level test taken during the academic year. Accepted test: National certificate of language proficiency (YKI), intermediate level or higher. To be eligible, if the student passed the test earlier, they must pass a higher level.
  • Scholarship Value: Worth €3,000, directly reduces tuition fee. Each student can receive the Finnish language scholarship only once during their studies.


Note: Students can potentially receive both Finnish language and progress in studies scholarships in the same year.


Please note that the early-bird discount does not concern pathway applicants!


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