Karelia University of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary, widely connected, international and innovative organisation offering high-quality education in Joensuu, Finland.

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Karelia UAS operates on two campuses in close proximity to the Joensuu city centre in easternmost Finland. It is a significant and well-recognized operator in education and plays a key role in the regional development and research, development and innovation (RDI) activities. Karelia UAS operates actively in various national and international networks. Their international partner networks include many Asian, African, European, and North- and South-American countries.

Karelia UAS offers excellent conditions for international students who aim to be the experts of the future. At Karelia, students work closely with local companies and with other educational institutions on exciting research and development projects. Each student builds a solid grounding in their field throughout their studies. The curriculum is customised to each student’s own preferences and needs and is supplemented through close contact with prospective employers. A degree from Karelia University of Applied Sciences degree will give the professional skills needed for a rewarding future!

Semester starts

August 2023

Pathway application deadline

Online Studies: 11.01.2023

Tuition fees

Bachelor’s: 9,000 – 10, 000 € / year


Karelia University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality, practice-oriented bachelor’s level programs fully in English through Edunation’s Pathway to Finland program.

Admission criteria

You can apply to Karelia University of Applied Sciences through our Pathway to Finland program. This is a preparatory program that will help you gain admission to bachelor’s degree studies in Finland. You will get a guaranteed entry to a degree program upon completion. No entrance exams or interviews are required. 

  • Admission criteria

    Our Pathway to Finland program offers guaranteed access to bachelor’s degree programs at Karelia UAS.

    Admission requirements:

    Students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Application instructions

    Check out our Pathway to Finland page for more information.

Tuition Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fees

Non-EU/EEA countries are required to pay a tuition fee of 9,000 € per academic year for the bachelor’s degree programs in English.


Karelia UAS provides fee-paying students with a scholarship based on Finnish language skills. Students can be awarded a scholarship two times during their studies (second year onwards) based on their level of Finnish language and provided that they have gained 55 ECTS credits per academic year.