International Business studies at Karelia University of Applied Sciences enable students to develop the expertise required in global business. The main focus of the studies is on international marketing as a part of a successful business.  Throughout their studies, students will be working in cross-cultural teams and developing professional business expertise. Thanks to Karelia’s committed international university partners, students can study and do internships in Finland or abroad during their studies.

Studying in a multicultural environment in close cooperation with companies develops your communication and interaction skills.  Multilingualism gives you an invaluable competitive edge in your career. For example, Finnish language courses are available throughout your studies and help you adapt to Finland. After graduation, you can work in assistant and expert positions in export business, marketing or sales. Additionally, you are able to develop abilities and skills that enable you to carry out management and leadership duties.

Semester starts

January and August

Degree info

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • 3.5 Academic years / 210 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: 9,000 € / academic year
  • Campus: Joensuu

Edunation application period

Pathway to Finland program
• Online studies: 31.07.2024
• Study hub in Finland: 20.05.2024

At the beginning of your studies, you will familiarize yourself with the basics of international business, learn knowledge acquisition, analytical thinking, academic writing, reporting and interaction in a multicultural environment. Your competence expands into negotiation and argumentation skills, as well as the ability to make decisions and lead projects. You will increase your understanding of the business environment, familiarize yourself with laws and regulations, the operations of the company’s procurement and distribution chain, ethical and sustainable business operations, import and export operations and the international operating environment in a practical way.

An important area of expertise in Karelia’s BBA degree is customer understanding: How the customer environment is built, how to influence customers and how to build a multi-channel, successful customer experience. At the end of your studies, you will deepen your knowledge of the international business environment, how to manage and utilise risks and opportunities, international business practices and rules, and the customer’s purchasing process. As an important skill, you will learn how to add value to the customer efficiently and sustainably.

As complementary, profiled studies, you can choose studies from innovative business, language and cultural studies or go to an exchange of 4-5 months in the spring of the second academic year. For international students who wish to stay in Finland, we recommend that you choose Finnish language studies, the completion of which is also a prerequisite for obtaining a scholarship.

In the approximately five-month internship (30 credits) included in your studies, you will be able to put into practice what you have learned. The training can be carried out in Finland or anywhere in the world. Examples of traineeship tasks are:

  • marketing and sales
  • various communication tasks e.g. social media
  • market and customer satisfaction surveys
  • duties of management assistant
  • different development tasks

In the thesis at the end of your studies, you will apply the knowledge and skills you have learned to the practical research or development task. The thesis topics are often commissioned by companies or other organizations. Complementary studies, practical training and thesis enable specialization in studies according to your personal career plan.

With a BBA degree in English language, you can apply for positions in international business. Finnish companies have succeeded globally in developing technological, digital and responsible solutions. There are several international companies in the region and Karelia’s partners include many growth companies that develop international business.

Possible job titles include, for example:

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Marketing Designer/Manager
  • Customer Service Advisor
  • Service Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Export Manager

Our Edunation Pathway to Finland program offers guaranteed access to Karelia UAS’ bachelor programs and you can get accepted within 2 days.

The admission requirements are:

  • High school diploma / Higher Secondary Education
  • Transcript of records (if possible)
  • Proof of English language: IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
  • Copy of passport ID page

Students are pre-screened on a first-come, first-served basis.

Further information about the tuition fee and available scholarships for the program can found on the university page.

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