Do you want to launch your career as a dual-qualified Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse in Finland?

LAB University’s Bachelor of Health Care in Public Health Nurse can equip you with both specialization, that will open doors to various nursing opportunities throughout the country.

The program’s sessions combine both real-word clinical practice and ordinary classroom learning. This will sharpen your practical skills and patient safety expertise. Meanwhile, the courses’ medium of instruction will be in English, which also includes Finnish language classes to prepare you for professional practice.

By the way, this is an internationally recognized degree which will qualify you to have the career opportunities such as in maternity clinics, schools, and more. You will graduate here promoting health, preventing illness, and empower people and communities around you to thrive.

 Join our vibrant international student community and launch your rewarding nursing career in Finland!

Semester starts

January 2025

Degree info

Bachelor of Health Care

4 academic years/ 240 ECTS 

Language of instruction: English 

Tuition fee: 8 000€ / academic year 

Campus: Lappeenranta 

Edunation application period

Regular Admission: 10.07.2024 - 25.07.2024

This program of LAB University will let you become both, a Registered Nurse and a Public Health Nurse. SO it means you can work directly with patients, and also focus on keeping your community’s health.

As a Registered Nurse, you’ll provide hands-on care to people in hospitals, clinics, and even at home. You’ll learn to give medication, help patients recover, and be there for them during challenging times.

Meanwhile, as a Public Health Nurse, you’ll be a catalyst for community health. You’ll teach people how to stay healthy, prevent illness, and connect them with the resources they need. You might work in schools, with families, or even in workplaces – wherever people need help staying well.

This program gives you the skills to do both! You’ll get a mix of classroom learning and real-life hands-on experience, so you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running after graduation.

Bachelor of Health Care, Public Health Nurse, 240 ECTS

  • Common studies 13 ECTS
  • Professional core competence 82 ECTS
  • Clinical training 80 ECTS
  • Complementary studies (public health nursing) 50 ECTS
  • Thesis 15 ECTS

Based on theoretical learning and clinical training, the Public Health Nurse is a versatile expert in public health nursing, general nursing, and preventive health care. After graduation, you can work for example in:

  • maternity and children’s counselling
  • health care for school-aged children and adolescents
  • occupational health care
  • home nursing care.

After graduating as a Public Health Nurse, you can also apply for nursing positions in both public and private medical care units and organizations.

The education provides excellent skills for working abroad and the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur.

The admission requirements for the program can be found on the university page. 

Further information about the tuition fee and available scholarships for the program can found on the university page.