In the Global Management of Innovation and Technology program at LUT University, your studies will focus on engineering management in technology-oriented and innovative firms of different sizes in various sectors.

You will be exposed to concepts that you will need to be an effective manager in a wide variety of areas in a company, ranging from creative design to product development, project management or commercialization.

During your studies, you will develop critical and innovative thinking and obtain a global business perspective, enhanced communication skills, and technical tools necessary for business decision-making. You will become familiar with the whole process from ideas to innovations to business value.

In current business ecosystems, multinational enterprises and new start-ups around the world are continuously looking for talented graduates with an international mindset and understanding of how to manage innovations and new technologies.

Novel innovations and technology are present in all aspects of modern society and future industries with their digital ecosystems.

Close collaboration with industry ensures the practical real-world application of new knowledge and theories. Already during your studies, you will actively collaborate with Finnish companies, particularly in the high-technology industry. The connection with companies during your Master’s thesis project will benefit your future career.

As evidence of its overall quality of teaching, this Master’s program has gained ASIIN accreditation.

Semester starts

Autumn 2024

Degree info

  • Master of Science in Technology
  • Campus: Lappeenranta
  • 2 academic years / 120 ECTS
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: 13 500€ / academic year

Edunation application period

Early Admission:
• 06.10.2023 - 10.11.2023
Regular Admission:
• 24.11.2023 - 12.01.2024

The program in Global Management of Innovation and Technology will introduce a wide variety of perspectives on the management of innovations and technology based on the combination of business, engineering and management.

The program’s diverse study methods and work in international teams will enable you to cooperate and solve complex situations in today’s business ecosystems.

During your studies, you will acquire:

  • professional skills: upon graduation, you will be able to understand and analyze the impact of global megatrends on innovation management in organizations and evaluate, critically analyze and create strategies in an international context relating to products, services and technologies;
  • competence to make rational decisions based on an understanding of decision-making strategies, frameworks, tools and data analysis methods in global networks and markets. You will be able to analyze processes and structures of organizations and identify their interconnected development issues;
  • multicultural teamwork skills to work and lead efficiently in cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary collaborative teams and projects, and communicate in a logical and convincing way both orally and in writing;
  • a professional network of other students, scholars, experts in different fields, and company representatives in your projects and assignments.

The program includes core, advanced specialization, minor and elective studies.

Core studies, 31 ECTS credits, include courses on strategic technology and innovation management, strategic entrepreneurship in an age of uncertainty, research methodologies and product development.

Advanced specialization studies, 35 ECTS credits, focus on topics such as open innovations, inventive design and advanced TRIZ.

Minor studies, 24 ECTS credits, can be selected from other LUT minor subjects in technology, e.g. bioenergy technology, environmental responsibility, software engineering, circular economy, embedded systems and communication, advanced material engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical and process engineering.

Elective studies can be selected from any discipline at LUT.

The Master’s thesis, 30 ECTS credits, is an advanced research project completed during the fourth semester. The Master’s thesis requires approximately six months of full-time work.

After graduation, you will have interesting and challenging career prospects.

Global supplier–customer relationships and business networks give talented young professionals various opportunities in the fields of management of innovations and technologies, industrial sales and marketing, operations management, and technology analysis and sourcing.

Graduates from this programme have found jobs as project managers, export managers, key account managers, supply managers, controllers, analysts, business application specialists, operative purchasers, technology innovation managers, etc.

You will also have a firm basis for doctoral studies in the field of industrial engineering and management.

The admission requirements for the program can found on the university page.

Further information about the tuition fee and available scholarships for the program can found on the university page.


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