Smart Automation program, offered by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, offers specializations in cloud engineering, artificial intelligence, smart factories, and robotics, equipping students with the ability to develop, operate, and manage smart systems across various industries. Embracing an interdisciplinary approach that melds engineering, computer science, and automation technology, it readies students for a swiftly evolving field. The curriculum covers industrial IoT, control systems, data analysis, and AI-driven automation, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for careers in manufacturing, optimizing production, energy management, and pioneering smart factory solutions. Starting with fundamental engineering, electronics, programming, and automation technology, students are equipped with analytical skills for both theoretical and practical challenges, honed through hands-on projects. The program also fosters intercultural understanding within a multicultural environment.

Upon graduation, career prospects range from data analysis to machine learning and robotics design for various industries or healthcare, providing students with skills for the future.

Semester starts


Degree info

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • 4 academic years / 240 ECTS
  • Location: Myyrmäki Campus
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tuition fee: 11 000€ / academic year

Edunation application period

Joint Admission
• 27.12.2023 - 12.01.2024
Rolling Admission
• 08.02.2024 – 25.04.2024

The program is meticulously crafted to empower students with the essential skills and knowledge required to create, operate, and oversee intelligent systems across diverse industrial sectors. Embracing an interdisciplinary ethos, it seamlessly integrates elements of engineering, computer science, and automation technology, offering a holistic educational experience.

Metropolia UAS’s Smart Automation program offers a structured educational journey, equipping students for success in automation and robotics. The curriculum comprises:

1. Foundational Skills: Fundamental engineering, electronics, programming, and related physics and mathematics.
2. Practical Proficiency: Hands-on exercises and projects for real-world readiness.
3. Specialized Knowledge: Industrial IoT, control systems, data analysis, and AI-driven automation for manufacturing and smart factory innovation.
4. Intercultural Perspective: Exposure to diverse cultures fosters a global outlook.

This organized structure ensures graduates are well-prepared for a future in Smart Automation.

Upon completing the Smart Automation program, Metropolia UAS opens a world of career opportunities for you. You can specialize in various domains such as:

● Data Analysis Specialist: Analyze and interpret data generated by smart automation systems to enhance energy efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.
● Machine Learning Expert: Develop models that optimize automation processes, adding efficiency and intelligence to industrial operations.
● Robotics Designer and Developer: Create autonomous robotic systems for diverse industry sectors and healthcare, contributing to innovation and automation.

Smart Automation at Metropolia UAS is your gateway to a future teeming with possibilities. It equips you with the skills and knowledge you need for a dynamic and prosperous career.

The admission requirements for the program can found on the university page.

Further information about the tuition fee and available scholarships for the program can found on the university page.

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