Master’s program in Osteopathy develops your skills and takes your career to the next level.  This program equips you with knowledge and the latest tools to pursue your interests, whether you want to become a researcher by contribute your expertise to the field, educator, or even do business within the osteopathic field.

This is also the first of its kind in the Nordic countries and caters to aspiring osteopaths who want to take their practice to the next level. The program offers a flexible, online format with lectures and collaborative activities.

You’ll gain advanced clinical skills, explore the science behind osteopathic treatments, and even conduct your own research project culminating in a Master’s thesis. You’ll also learn to collaborate effectively and expand your network with other healthcare professionals to improve patient care and raise public awareness about its benefits.

Semester starts


Degree info

Master of Health Care, Osteopathy 

1.5 academic years/ 90 ECTS 

Language of instruction: English 

Mode of Studies: Online Studies 

Tuition fee: 12,500 € / academic year 

Edunation application period

Regular Admission: TBA

Master’s program in Osteopathy will equip you with the skills you need to pursue it. May it be in doing research, teaching methods, starting your own practice, or even advocating for osteopathy in your own community.

The program will help you enhance your approach relevant to modern osteopathic care, building your confidence as a trusted osteopath and raising awareness about this healthcare option.

A one-of-a-kind program like this in Nordic countries is intended to develop your skills and way of interacting and collaborating with other healthcare providers. Through this, we can raise the quality and make people around you aware of the benefits of osteopathic care.

You can learn from anywhere! This program offers you a flexible learning experience with online modules and collaborative lectures. You can also connect with and gain knowledge from your classmates in different regions without needing to travel.

Master’s in Osteopathy opens doors to a variety of exciting careers!

Here are some possibilities:

  • Advanced Clinical Practice: Be highly skilled and practice your profession with the latest knowledge and techniques.
  • Research and Development: You can do continuous learning by doing research and contribute to the field of Osteopathy
  • Education and Training: Share what you’ve learned by teaching.
  • Business Management: You can also run your own Osteopathic clinic and practice your skills.
  • Public Health Advocate: Raise awareness of osteopathy and promote its benefits within the healthcare system.

The admission requirements for the program can be found on the university page. 

Further information about the tuition fee and available scholarships for the program can found on the university page.